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At Geeky Goodies we believe that the very best part of board gaming as a hobby is the people you meet and play with.  Below you can find links and some information about the companies that work with us.  They rely on us to deliver high quality products and customer service.  We could not be more excited or more proud to partner with the following people and companies, the work they provide to the community and the trust they put in us with their artwork and brand.

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Analog Games | Geeky Goodies Featured Partner evolved from the popular Instagram channel @AnalogGames to promote the world of non-digital games on the Internet. Their mission is to share inspiring stories that encourage people around the globe to experience the fun of board and card games. 


Whether you are a designer, publisher, or just an enthusiast, you are invited to share your analog gaming experiences with the world. 

Please submit your stories here:

Analog Games


  • Analog Games Website
  • Analog Games on Instagram

Board games are not just fun, but are amazing collections of ideas that you can interact with like no other form of entertainment. Board games have the power to bring people together, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability. In other words, they are the bee’s knees. We host private and public games nights in Toronto. We care about inclusive, accessible and fun gaming experience for all! 

BoardAgain Games
​BoardAgain Games | Geeky Goodies Featured Partner


  • BoardAgain Website
  • BoardAgain on Facebook
  • BoardAgain on Instagram
  • BoardAgain on Twitter

The Board Game Chats podcast is where Chris and Myron chat with board gamers of all types about board games, what makes board gaming special, why we game and how games impact our lives. 


  • Board Game Chats Website
  • Board Game Chats on Facebook
  • Board Game Chats on Instagram
  • Board Game Chats on Twitter
  • Board Game Chats on YouTube
  • Board Game Chats on TikTok
  • Board Game Chats on Spotify
Board Game Chats podcast
Board Game Chats
Board Games With Scott

Dr. Scott Nicholson was the host of Board Games with Scott, the first YouTube series about board games.  


After hosting Board Games with Scott from 2005-2010, he was able to combine his love of games with his job as a library school professor at Syracuse University, and began to study games in libraries.  He designed Tulipmania 1637 and Going, Going, Gone! and wrote the book Everyone Plays at the Library. Because of his work with Board Games with Scott, he was invited to give a seminar at MIT, which then led to a visiting professorship, which led to him leaving Syracuse and the US to start a new game design program in Wilfrild Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  

Board Games With Scott | Scott Nicholson | Geeky Goodies Partner


  • Website for Dr. Scott Nicholson
  • Dr. Scott Nicholson on Facebook
  • Dr. Scott Nicholson on Twitter
  • Website for Game Lab
  • Bored Online? Board Offline! Website
  • Bored Online? Board Offline!


Bored Online? Board Offline! is a channel that teaches and shows you how to play some of the best board games this hobby has to offer.  They create detailed How to Play videos, full gameplays, and occasionally unboxing videos.  You’ll find the new hotness but also some of the great games of years past.  Any game they think is good has a place here! 

Bored Online? Board Offline!
Bored Online? Board Offline! | Geeky Goodies Community Partner
  • Borkchito Website
  • Borkchito on Facebook


Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective | Geeky Goodies Community Partner

Borkchito is an Occult Doggo Detective, a white Chihuahua-mix helping other doggos deal with spooks. It is also the name of the darkly humorous weekly comic strip which chronicles his cases.  Yves Tourigny is a Canadian boardgame designer and illustrator. He collaborates with writer Sam L. Edwards on the comic strip. The comic strip is updated weekly on Fridays.

Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective
Escape Into Board Games Podcast

The Escape Into Board Games Podcast is where Chris Cormier and Matt McKenzie escape reality and talk about the board games they are playing, the games they are excited about and all things related to board gaming.

Escape Into Board Games Podcast


  • The Escape Into Board Games on Facebook
  • The Escape Into Board Games on Instagram
  • The Escape Into Board Games on Twitter
  • The Escape Into Board Games on YouTube
  • The Escape Into Board Games on TikTok
  • The Escape Into Board Games on Spotify
  • The Family Showdown on YouTube
  • The Family Showdown on Facebook
  • The Family Showdown on Twitter
  • The Family Showdown (Rebecca) on Twitter
  • The Family Showdown on Instagram


The Family Showdown | Licensed board game merchandise on Geeky Goodies

The Family Showdown is a family-friendly YouTube channel devoted to spreading the love of board games. Hunter and Rebecca host a weekly show with occasional extra content all year long. Come join us Tuesdays at 8:30 Central US time for top 10 lists, yearly top 100 lists, live plays, games vs. the internet, and other silly shenanigans. 

The Family Showdown
  • Foxtrot Games Website
  • Foxtrot Games on Facebook
  • Foxtrot Games on Twitter



Foxtrot Games is an independent publisher committed to beautiful, engaging, and approachable board games such as Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, The Fox in the Forest, Sundae Split, World's Fair 1893, and Spy Club.  

Foxtrot Games
Jolly Thinkers

We, Jolly Thinkers, based in Hong Kong and established in 2006, are still holding onto our mission and vision. 


Thanks to the love and support from our customers and friends, we have been witnessing the power of boardgaming in our society. We are more than grateful that we have grown from a small café into the multi-service business today: education, retail & wholesale, and publishing. For the coming future, we promise to continue our efforts in promoting an edutaining culture that nurtures creativity and connects people.

Jolly Thinkers


  • Jolly Thinkers Website
  • Jolly Thinkers on Facebook
  • Jolly Thinkers on Instagram
  • Jolly Thinkers on YouTube
  • Meeple Leaf Website
  • Meeple Leaf on Facebook
  • Meeple Leaf on Instagram
  • Meeple Leaf on Twitter


Nick Angiers is the founder of Meeple Leaf, a network of tabletop gaming events in Vancouver, Canada. When he's not gaming he's either thinking about games, learning languages, or taking care of his various pets. 

Meeple Leaf
Meeple Leaf
  • Meeple Syrup Show Website
  • Meeple Syrup Show on Facebook
  • Meeple Syrup Show on Twitter
  • Meeple Syrup Show on YouTube


The Meeple Syrup Show is a Canadian webcast / podcast hosted by game designers Sen-Foong Lim, Daryl Andrews and Dylan Kirk.  The weekly show focuses on looking at the board and card game industry from the inside out with occasional ventures into other areas of analog and digital game design.  With knowledgeable hosts and expert guests every week, the Meeple Syrup Show is invaluable content for anyone hoping make their mark on the tabletop!

Meeple Syrup Show
Meeple Syrup Show | Geeky Goodies Featured Partner
Pair Of Dice Paradise 

Does every game have a silver lining? That's the question that Pair Of Dice Paradise seeks to answer! Join our tact-free host, Chaz Marler, as he shares the latest board game news, overviews, and opinions. Whether you're new to tabletop gaming, or an established gamer, Pair Of Dice Paradise's YouTube videos are a great companion to enjoy the hobby with.

Some of Pair Of Dice Paradise's most popular content includes: the Component Proponent (upgrading the bits and pieces in games), Thrift Sift (interesting and bizarre games found at thrift stores), TABLEscraps (short discussions on various gaming topics), Top 10s of popular and best selling games, and more.

Check out Pair Of Dice Paradise, hosted by a guy who loves games with his head in the clouds.

Pair Of Dice Paradise


  • Pair Of Dice Paradise on YouTube
  • Pair Of Dice Paradise on Facebook
  • Pair Of Dice Paradise on Instagram
  • Pair Of Dice Paradise on Twitter
  • Pair Of Dice Paradise Website
R&D Games | Geeky Goodies Community Partner
  • R&D Games on Board Game Geek


R&D Games was formed in 1989 by hobbyist Richard Breese, in order to publish largely his own designs.  Richard is an accountant, and designs in his 'spare' time.  Richard's sister Juliet was the illustrator on most of the R&D titles until 2016, with Vicki Dalton taking over from then.  In recent years R&D Games have released a new title each year at the Essen Spiel, with wider distribution afterwards through co-publishers.

R&D Games (Richard Breese and the Keyflower series of Board Games)

Yves Tourigny is a French-Canadian father, partner, game designer (Blueprints, Cupcake Empire (co-designed), Arkham Noir, Expedition: Northwest Passage, and Cosmogenesis, among others), artist and illustrator.

He lives in a house with his partner, his two children, his dog, and his best friend. Driven by a poorly-understood compulsion, he surrounds himself with bookshelves, drawers, and containers of all types and dimensions. In these he collects books, music, games, and the bric-a-brac necessary to make sense of (and protect himself from) life. 

Yves Tourigny
Yves Tourigny


  • Yves Tourigny Website
  • Yves Tourigny on Instagram
  • Yves Tourigny on Twitter