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Board Gaming on Social Media – Let’s Connect!

I have met many enthusiastic, interesting people while chatting about board games and other geekdoms online. It’s exciting to chat with people with similar interests and discover new hobbies and passions. I do my best to help grow the Board Game Community on social media and reach out and engage with others as often as I can. Here are a few of the things I’m doing online to grow The Hobby.

Board Game Creative Projects Facebook Group Tabletop rethemes, redesigns, pimping, and other improvements! I created this Facebook group as a place for Board Gamers to share the creative improvements to the games they love. With over 600 members so far, I hope this group will continue to be a place for us to share photos, videos, resources & tips for board game pimps, rethemes, redesigns and other improvements (big and small) to your board, card, strategy, abstract, AmeriTheme, Euros, family, party, war games and more. I encourage you to join us and share your creative ideas for what can be done with old popular board game parts (like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or Stratego) that are easy to find, your player aids, micro-pimps, etc. Pretty much anything creative that you've come up with. (A quick note: the members of this group aren’t thrilled when folks post Kickstarter game information – this isn’t really the group for that sort of thing).

#WhatDidYouPlayMondays I try to engage board gamers online every Monday with #WhatDidYouPlayMondays (I know, it’s a long hashtag, but what can you do?) where I ask people to post what games they played over the past weekend and the previous week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr.

#TellUsTuesdays On most Tuesdays I ask The Community a question – usually board game related and try to gauge people’s opinions about certain games, mechanics, favourite things, peeves, etc. You can join in (and suggest questions for future Tuesdays) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr. (BGG) is the biggest, most comprehensive website resource for board gamers and occasionally on Fridays, I like to ask people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr to tell me how and why they use BGG and what kinds of things they enjoy or create on the site.

Pinterest Community Board: Favourite Board Game Things ​​​For Pinterest users I’ve created a Community Board where we can all come together and share links to the board gaming things that we’re interested and excited about. Pin things about board games that you love, Kickstarter info, game design, DIY/game crafting projects... pretty much anything about board games. To help contribute to the board, first make sure you follow the board and then send me an email at chris [at] ideascompany [dot] ca. (Note: This is a good place to find out about new games and post information about new games on Kickstarter).

​​Pinterest Board Game Porn - Bits, Boards, Meeple, Shelves & Creativity Board My tastes are very singular. My desires are a little … unconventional. Let me enlighten you: I like looking at photos of board game shelves full of boxes and boxes of board games. I like photos of boards and bits, pimped out Meeple, painted or un-painted (“naked”) minis, dice and more. So I created this Pinterest board as my own not-so-secret collection of photos. Drop me a line if you want to share your photos with me and I might pin it to my board.

Pinterest Board Game Decor Board I'm collecting decor ideas for board gamers and Game Rooms. Shelving, tables, lighting, decor, wall artwork, chairs, signs, posters, pillows, storage and more. If you have photos that you think need to be added to this board, please feel free to share them with me and I'll do my best to add them to the board.

Your Best, Favourite or Most Creative Rethemes (Which are your Favourite?) I really admire the creative thought that goes into a great game retheme. Matching the theme to the mechanics of the gameplay can help explain the objectives of the game. Recreating a game inside a pre-existing world or genre appeals to the Fanboy in me and can help me relate to how the game plays. As a graphic designer, I appreciate a beautiful redesign that improves the look of the original game, and sometimes a retheme will just make a game that much more “cool” (and like beauty, coolness is in the eye of the beholder). I created this GeekList on as a place where BGG users can share their game ideas, rethemes and redesigns with The Community.

Geeky Goodies Facebook Page This is where I share things that are happening with Geeky Goodies (sales, new products, news), board game contest alerts, and occasional bits of fun or geeky news that I find interesting or exciting on the Geeky Goodies Facebook Page. Please take a moment to check us out on Facebook and Like our page. Finally, I'd like it if you'd let me know where you are spending your time on social media and send me sites and links that you think help build the Board Gaming Community and I will try to include it here on my site. You can connect with me on most of the pages listed above or by clicking on the social media icons below. I look forward to it! Happy gaming!

The game I love today: Winner's Circle

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