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What’s Been Going On - Part 2: Don’t Forget to Thank Your Meeple

WOW! Geeky Goodies has been so busy! To busy to blog, even! I’m sorry that we’ve been neglecting you Bits + Pieces Blog. In an effort to catch up, I thought I would do a series of blog posts about what’s been happening here at Geeky Goodies HQ during the past little while.

Here is a little bit about what we’ve been up to. Watch for more coming soon!

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Meeple

Who says that people no longer send cards by regular mail? We still do! That's why we started offering these colourful meeple-themed thank you cards.

We use these cards to thank our customers for their order but you can use them to add a personalized touch to thank gamers for coming to your board game night, to thank sponsors after your next tabletop event, or for just about anything else you can come up with.

These 5.75" square cards are professionally printed and folded on matte cardstock, include a square envelope for mailing and can be customized with a personalized message, your game group or company logo on the inside. There is an additional charge for customization. Send us a message ( for details.

Order one for yourself or a set for your group at:!product-page/c1u5r/5cf7c656-b475-b927-62bd-78c88d2ea593

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