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Book Review: The Beauty by Jeremy Haun

The Beauty by Jeremy Haun actually has an interesting idea: outward beauty is now a sexually transmitted disease. This is an STD that most people want to - and are actively trying to catch! Sleep with someone infected with The Beauty and you wake up thinner, fitter, with great skin, rejuvenated hair loss and generally beautiful. There is just one hot little side-effect that Detectives Vaughan and Foster begin investigating.

I wasn't really impressed with the concept initially - it sounded almost juvenile to me for some reason. I was expecting to be very disappointed but still curious. I am glad I gave it a try because I found that I couldn't put down Vol. 1 and quickly reached for the next book.

Book Review:  The Beauty by Jeremy Haun | Comic Books and Graphic Novels | Geeky Goodies

Vol. 2 takes a very different turn from everything that interested me in Vol. 1, complete with entirely new characters and a new storyline but it still kept me intrigued and very much entertained. Vol. 3 takes another somewhat jarring turn, however that seems to be the intent of the series and after 3 volumes, I think I have come to terms with this and can enjoy each book on its own, connected by the world created around this global pandemic and the different situations that The Beauty creates.

The Beauty, is an idea that it turns out, is really compelling and opens the door to several interesting concepts.

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