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What Did You Play Mondays? March 11, 2019

Join the Board Game Conversation. What Did You Play Mondays: March 11, 2019

Had a great day at my FLGS this Saturday. Board Game Bliss hosts a Make New Friends game day and I got to play:

  • a 4-player game of Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done (this awesome game is made even better with 4-players!)

  • KOI - this was my first play of Koi and I was really impressed. It's a very simple abstract strategy game with beautiful art and a Koi fish theme. Clever strategic decisions. Just the perfect weight and complexity for new gamers. I will buy this one!

  • Via Appia - introduced this to 2 new people and the highlight is definately the "push" mechanism of making stones (wooden disks) fall out from the quarry. Gimmicky but still a lot of fun. I want to try this one with 4 players. I lost by just 1 single point!

  • Hold That Face - still one my favourite party games! 8 strangers getting together around a big table in a public space, making silly faces and giggling like school-kids. What can be better than that?

  • Junk Orbit - OMG! So much more exciting with 5 players! This is my newest obsession/love. I must play a LOT more of this game! I LOVE it!

  • a new game that I can't talk about yet.

  • Traders of Osaka - set collection with a new way to pay-out for goods.

What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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Game in the photo is Jamaica

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