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What Did You Play Mondays? April 29, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: April 29, 2019

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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Game in the photo is Azimuth

Here is what I played this week:

  • Sticheln is a trick-taking game from the planet Bizaro World where you don't need to follow suit but everything not in the suit that was led is trump and will win the trick. A bit mind-bendy but in a really fun way!

  • Several games of Just One. This one is a huge hit in our house and with our family. Super simple cooperative word association game that is guaranteed to make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. LOVE this game!

  • The Others is another incredibly impressive game from Eric Lang about fighting the 7 Deadly Sins. Great artwork, graphic design and miniatures really add to the theme of this game. The Others is a really tough and punishing slog for both sides in this "one-against-many" semi-cooperative game. It's bleak and dark and really hard. Don’t get too attached to your characters cuz they are going to die! While it was our first play and a learning game that we made some mistakes on and I was again impressed with the mind that can put together so many different characters, rooms, creations, villains, weapons and cards into one game that works - I think the level of difficulty, confrontation and hopeless feeling in the game means this game is just not for me.

  • Nimble is a real-time, speed colour recognition/matching game that reminds me of games like Ghost Blitz in that it makes my brain hurt while playing it. But always a fun experience.

ALSO - we have a giveaway currently running for a chance to WIN a copy of the game in the photo of this week's #WhatDidYouPlayMondays, Azimuth. THREE WINNERS will win a copy of Azimuth AND a copy of Elementos, both from Tyto Games. Follow the directions on our Instagram post for your chance to WIN:

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