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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? April 13, 2020

What Did You Play Mondays: April 13, 2020

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What board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend? Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays

Game in photo is Village Pillage | #WhatDidYouPlayMondays

Another quiet week in self-isolation:

  • Bunny Kingdom is a favourite in our house. Essentially this is a card drafting game. Players are drafting and passing cards around and playing cards to take control of parts of the board by placing cute tiny plastic bunnies and cities on it. There is an area control element to the game, however the overall game is minimally confrontational and has a few different ways to get points through clever card play. This game plays excellent with 3 or 4 players, however the 2 player variant has some different rules (that take a little bit to get to used to if you have played Bunny Kingdom with more players a lot) that make it flawless for 2 players as well.

  • Montana is a lightning fast worker placement, resource management and sort of racing game (in the same way that Instanbul is a race to collect gems and Karuba is a race to get to the temples first) by Rudiger Dorn. Tons of pieces and super simple to learn but the game is almost too quick... if you know what I mean. Just when you feel like you are getting lots of stuff done, the game is suddenly over. I did REALLY liked the game, however I want to play it with more players (we played just two) before I really decide how I feel about it. So I am reserving final judgement on Montana for now. I am also very curious about the expansions. It feels like they might be an integral part of this game. ⁣What I LOVE about Rudiger Dorn is how he can take a mechanism that many "gamers" dislike, talk badly about or outright hate and show us all how it can work really well in a game. ⁣In Karuba it was the "BINGO mechanism" and in this game it is the spinner to collect workers. Nothing fancy but it works. I feel this was added just to irritate some "hardcore gamers" (I really dispise that phrase - there are no "real gamers" people!) and remind us all to keep an open mind and not take our love of the hobby too seriously. They ARE just games afterall. ⁣

  • Forbidden Sky is tough with just 2 players! ⁣We played it 4 times and lost hard every time. Great game with a magical "toy factor" for adults. Cooperative play, easy to learn and quick to pick up with lots strategic options. Loads of fun! This is my favourite of the "forbidden" series.

Stay safe everyone!

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