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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? April 20, 2020

What Did You Play Mondays: April 20, 2020

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Game in photo is Formula D

This week we played a few online games with friends that we have been missing through the global pandemic thing and a couple of 2-player games that haven't seen much love recently.

  • We played an online game of Saint Malo with friends using Facebook messenger (and 2 copies of the game - 1 at our house and 1 at theirs). It was easy and fun but maybe took a little longer to play than normal because we had constantly communicate what die each player was taking and provide updates of what we were doing on our individual player boards, sometimes lifting them so the camera could see. In the end it was well worth it and a lot of fun to get this game played again with friends we haven't seen in a very long time. Saint Malo is a very simple Yahtzee-style roll and write game. ⁣ ⁣Players are rolling 5 custom dice trying to collect sets and drawing the different elements of their city on their player boards with a dry erase marker. Points are scored for some items immediately and some score at the end. Simple and fun for everyone.

  • We also played Wingspan with friends online. We both had copies of the game (so we played with 2 complete decks). We each had a cell phone pointed at the table, using Facebook Messenger, so we could talk and share what we were doing on our turns. Took a bit longer playing this way but it was fun and in spite of the duplicate decks the game really holds up to these circumstances. Whenever we rolled dice or removed them from the bird feeder we made sure the other set of dice in the other feeder matched what was rolled/taken. We also made sure both of us had the same four objectives at the start of the game. All other rules were the same as the base game.

  • We played an online game of Codenames with other friends. Codenames is always fun no matter you play it or who you play it with! Just another example why this is a new modern classic game and should be a staple for every family/game collection.

  • My wife and played Reef with my homemade version of the Kings of Coral mini-expansion with plastic fish tokens from another game (I think it was Bonzai or some kind of sushi game cuz the plastic fish were dead with little "X" where the eyes should be). ⁣ This little expansion adds quite a bit of strategy with a tiny little addition. Each player has two fish that they add to the board or move one space after each turn. If a fish is on top of a piece of coral you can't add pieces to the coral but if you score a piece of coral that contains one or both fish (placed on top of the coral) you get 1 bonus point per fish. Super sImple but the trick is deciding when too moved your fish for that extra point out two and adds a new level of preparation to this great game. I am hoping they make this expansion more widely available.

  • Lords of Waterdeep with the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion made a couple appearances on our game table this week. While Lords of Waterdeep is not my favourite worker placement game, it is still an excellent game. Combining LoW with the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion, really kicks the number of possibilities, choices, replayability and interest level up several notches for me. The theme of the game and the Intrigue cards are what make this game fun and exciting for me. Some of the combinations of Intrigue cards and Quest cards can provide a light "engine-building" mechanism that work for you and help develop further points. The Skullport expansion adds so much by way of new options, 2 new game boards with new locations, lots more cards, approximately double the buildings and corruption that remove points at the end of the game. This is a no-brainer to buy it you like the base game. I don't think we'll ever play the base game without the expansion again unless teaching it to new gamers.

Stay safe everyone!

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