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What Did You Play Mondays? April 22, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: April 22, 2019

Join the Board Game Conversation.

What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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What Did You Play Mondays | Share your tabletop game plays every Monday using the hashtag #WhatDidYouPlayMondays | Geeky Goodies
Game in the photo is Bunny Kingdom

Here is what I played this week:

  • Nimble is a simultaneous speed game about matching colours. Like a lot of these games the cards are designed to mess with how your brain normall works and that's where the fun comes in. Many mistakes will be made and lots and lots laughing will be had.

  • An already fun family game, Villainous, is made even better with more choices of characters to play when you add the Wicked to the Core expansion to the game. A delightful multi-player solitaire game with an element of "take that" to make it harder on your opponents. It's a bit of puzzle trying to figure out the most efficient way to play your cards and manage your hand. Great fun!

  • Played The Table Is Lava is for the first time and loved it. A great dexterity game that is easy to learn about flicking cards onto the table, while trying to knock off the meeples of your opponents. Fast, silly fun!

  • FLY is one tiny gumstick sized games from Perplext about dropping (or slapping) the fly swatter card onto a "table" (made of cards) the swat the flies on the table. Completely cover the fly and earn him as points. A great game that anyone can quickly understand and will want to play.

  • Junk Orbit is still my #1 obsession right now. Pick up and deliver junk tiles from destinations around the Earth, Moon, Mars and some of the moons of Mars if playing with more players. This game is great fun at any player count. Fast, easty to learn with a clever movement mechanism that adds to the strategic possiblities of the game.

  • What can I say about Fuji? Beside the absolutely stunning artwork by Weberson Santiago there is really an interesting cooperative game here from Wolfgang Warsh. Run away from the lava and escape to the village. The rulebook really make the movement mechanism seems ridiculous convoluted and hard but it ends up being quite easy to understand and works well. My advice: soldier through the rules and start playing as soon as possible. It will make sense quite early in the game and you'll enjoy it more than trying to figure out what they're talking about the rulebook.

  • I'm very late to the That's Pretty Clever (Ganz Schon Clever) party but I'm now fully, fully addicted. OMG! SO GOOD!

Join the board game conversation and share what tabletop games you played what during the previous week in the comments below or on social media.

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