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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? February 24, 2020

What Did You Play Mondays: February 24, 2020

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Things are slowly returning to normal in our house as we are unpacking after a big move and we got to play a few games this week. Here is what we played:

  • Century: Eastern Wonders had the same feel to the first game, Century Spice Road but offers a board with movement in this one. The cards are replaced in this version with topless and movement.⁣ There is even a set of rules to combine the original game with this one for additional variety.⁣ If you liked Splendor then the Century games are sure to be a big hit. I sold my copy of Splendor because I like Century more. ⁣

  • Formula D is a fun racing game for 2-10 players. Super easy to learn with simple rules and intuitive game mechanisms. Race to the finish line, plan ahead and hope for a little luck with dice rolls. The game comes with advanced rules and alternative maps but I have only played the basic version.

  • Welcome To... We played Welcome To... with the advanced rules (makes a great game so, so much better!), using the Doomsday Neighborhood. ⁣This is my favorite of the roll-and-write/flip-and-fill games by a mile (or at least a really long street - Ganz Schon Clever is very close - they live next door). Flip the cards, pick a number card and an affect card, fill in your sheet, maximize the effects of what you can do with the cards and score points in a variety of different ways.⁣ The advanced rules had 1 deck and each player gets dealt 3 cards, picks 2 (1 number and 1 effect) and passes the other card to the player on the right. Draw 2 new cards and repeat. Makes for a slightly more competitive game with tougher choices.⁣

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