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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? July 15, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: July 15, 2019

Join the Board Game Conversation.

What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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The game in the photo is Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit

Here is what we played this week:

  • Gridstones is a super-fast great filler pattern creation game. This one is always a big hit whenever it hits the table. It's easy to learn, plays fast, can be played with kids but is also interesting enough to challenge adult gamers.

  • Everdell is such a beautiful game with some amazing artwork on the cards, super-high quality components and a large 3D board in the shape of a tree on the edge of a meadow. This game gets lots of attention at public gaming events with people coming up asking questions, wanting to touch the components and even taking photos! But there is a really interesting engine-building game here. The rules are easy to learn but the complexity of this game comes from the cards and how they work together. Everdell is a slightly unusual tableau-bulding game with a worker placement mechanism that is also a little unusual. You have a very limited number of workers - you start the game with just 2 workers but you will get a few more as the game progresses. So every action and every card you play is an important, meaningful action in the game. You collect resources by placing your workers on the board. You need the resources to play cards from your hand (there a TON of cards in this game!). You "build cards" into your "village" by paying for them with resources. The game is played over a year, when your workers are all done working the season is over and you continue into the next season (even if other players are still in the previous season). So the game plays very quickly (specially at first). The trick of the game is finding the right combinations of powers that your cards give you. A lot of cards get you free cards or free actions or resources that let you pay for other cards. And those cards may "build on" the powers of other cards and before you know it the game has ended and it's amazing you did a LOT of things you were hoping to do and your village is full.

  • Coup is not one of my favourite games. I find Coup very hard! I'm not very good at bluffing games in general but this one makes my head hurt. I always get confused about what the cards do and what other cards they cancel - which is embarassing because there are only 5 cards in the game! I know the game has a LOT of fans, but for me personally, I can't really say that I have ever enjoyed a game of Coup.

  • I love when I get to introduce some new people to Just One. A fantastic cooperative party game with words and clues that takes about 20 minutes to play with up to 7 players.

  • I am so loving Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants! A dexterity game about rolling dice (with ants on them instead of pips) onto cards with plates of food on them at the picnic and set collecting them for points. Have more ants on a card than your opponents and you win the card. Simple and so much fun. Thre round cards (that give the last player a special power turns a fun game into something exceptionally entertaining.

  • While culturally insensitive to be sure, The Noodle Game is a lot of fun to play with kids. Using children's chopsticks pull a plastic noodle out of the container and onto your bowl before your opponents can steal it from you using their chopsticks. A quick filler game that I hope gets re-published and re-released some time soon.

  • Karuba is another great game by Rudiger Dorn. Featuring the least interesting mechanism in gaming: The BINGO mechanism, Karuba, like many of Rudiger Dorn's games will challenge you to re-think your assumptions about the mechanisms in the game. This game just "works" so perfectly. It's a race to get your adventurers into the jungle, collecting treasures and to the temples faster than you opponents. Simple to understand and great fun to play. I can't recommend this one highly enough!

  • Googly Eyes (aka Google Eyes) is a fantastic drawing game to play with kids! Like Pictionary but with these funky glasses that the drawer must wear (expertly manufactured to easily fit on small children and on adults heads with no problem).⁣ The catch is the glasses distort the view of the person drawing the clue. The glasses even have easy, medium and hard lenses that easily pop in and out depending on the difficulty of the word. The easy lenses obstruct your view only slightly, most people will find the medium lenses difficult to draw with, and the hard lenses will make it hard for you to see the paper or if your pencil is even upside down. You may even have to draw with your opposite hand occasionally! ⁣

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