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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? July 8, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: July 8, 2019

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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What Did You Play Mondays | Join the board game conversation every week with the hashtag #WhatDidYouPlayMondays | Geeky Goodies
Game is photo is Mini Rails

Here is what we played this week:

  • Mini Rails is a quick and tight (and a little vicious) game where you only have 2 options on your turn (build track or buy shares). That might make the game sound a lot less interesting than it is. This is a thinky, filler (plays in about 30 minutes) with tough decisions at every step of the way. There is very limited space and limited ways to influence the market so every turn is full of tension. Loved this game and I'll be buying this one for sure.

  • What can I say about Wingspan that hasn't already been said? This is another home run hit from Stonemaier Game that lives up to all the hype. An instant classic in my opinion and an instant-buy (as soon as it comes back in stock at my FLGS). A sort of tableau building game with set collecting and resource management. Stunning art, great theme and quality components paired with mechanisms and decisions that are interesting and fun to play.

  • I've had trouble convincing my wife, Sherri, to play Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants with me. She is the perfect game-partner and like me, she will play any game. However, she likes longer games with deeper strategy than I usually do and I think she has grown a little tired of my abnormal obsession with dexterity games. But I finally convinced her to give it a try this weekend (phew!) and she was REALLY surprised by how much she liked it (which she will never hear the end of now). It's a super-fun filler game that will appeal to families - and kids too. But like all of the Kids Table BG games, there is a LOT more here than meets the eye. Throw your custom ant-dice into the picnic area, trying to knock your opponents dice away and make yours land on cards to try and control the picnic food. Collect the picnic food and then score them in the most unique use of cards that I've seen in a set collection game. Some dice can be re-rolled and some go away for the next round. The player with the lowest score gets an exciting power card to help them for the next round. The theme and gameplay match nicely and frankly Problem Picnic is just so much fun to play. Well worth the wait! My wife and I will be playing this one a LOT!

  • If some games are "brain-burners" then Palm Trees is a "hand-cramper". The game comes with an arm "tatoo" sleeve for everyone to wear making your arm look like the trunk of a palm tree. You will be give cards that have fronds and coconuts on them. These cards require that you hold them all in your 1 hand with difficult (but easy to understand) rules on how to hold them (for example a card might only be allowed to touch your pinky and your middle finger). Don't drop any of the cards or the game is over and you lose. Each card has points but the real fun and all of the laughter of this game comes from trying to hold all the different cards in your hand and not drop them.

  • I received a pre-production copy of a game on Kickstarter right now called, Dig Dig. This is a fast and light card game with uber-cute artwork. Get rid of your cards first and you win. This game feels like a new take on the classic cards games we all played in our youth and will appeal to fans of games like Exploding Kittens and Fluxx. Easy to learn and plays fast. Note: this game doesn't have a lot of information on BGG just yet (it's new) but I hear that will be changing soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about this adorable game at:

  • Brikks is another roll and write game from the brilliant mind of Wolfgang Warsch. This one could easily be called Tetris The Roll and Write Game. Maybe not as dynamic or interesting as some of his other games, Brikks will provide a fun experience for fans of the Tetris-style games.

  • I have an unusual affinity to deck-building games. And yes, Tanto Cuore is comparable to Dominion. But for me I think I like this game more than the grand-daddy of deck-builders. It's got an anime theme with cutesy artwork that is really not my thing at all. But if you can look past that (and let's be honest, if you like Dominion then you're looking past the theme already) the game is a very clever and serious deck-building game with cards that work well together and a fair amount of player interaction. I can't wait to play some of the expansions!

  • Flotsam Fight is one of those tiny game from Oink Games. A card game where you are trying to get rid of your treasure cards before everyone else by playing them to "boats" in ascending but not consecutive order. Many of the boats will become unavailable so you want to get rid of your lowest cards quickly. I thought the scoring was a bit wonky but it's a very fun game.

  • We took a trip down into the fond memories of my childhood playing one of the newer releases of the classic Mattel game, Rebound. This game was probably the start of my love for dexterity games as I spent hundreds of hours playing this game with friends and family before the world of video games entered my life. Rebound isn't a great game anymore. There are far, far better games to play. But it was nice to spend some time with it and remember a simplier time and giggle at how bad we all are at this charming game.

  • Endeavor: Age of Sail seems very intimidating at first. There are a LOT of pieces, components, and trays (in the new version from Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamers Guild). And it does take quite a bit of time to explain the game fully (however this an excellent example of a rulebook that explains the game easily). I'd almost say that it takes longer to explain the game than it does to play it (with 2 players maybe). But there is a quick, meaty game here that is well worth learning it. Playing time is a little over an hour and you will wish the game could continue for more than that. There is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it all in this game. You want to make the most out of every action and every turn. There is a lot of strategy and tactics here but I dont' think it's terribly punishing to new players and it really shouldn't be intimidating to new players. It has easy to understand game play (just takes time to teach it) and everything makes sense. There are several different ways to get points and the game allows you to be as confrontational (or not) as you wish. A truly great, interesting medium-weight area control game. The new version has incredible components, storage solutions and just about everything that you might want in a game!

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