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What Did You Play Mondays? June 10, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: June 10, 2019

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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Game in the photo is Embark by Tasty Minstrel Games

Here is what we played this week:

  • Embark - The simultaneous action selection mechanism is one of my most loved in modern games. Done properly this can add a fun element of stress and excitement to a good game. This is usually where everyone secretly decides what actions they want to take (i.e. what they want to do in the game) and then usually reveal at the same time to take those actions hoping all the available spots have not been already filled by the time they come up. The new game from Philip duBarry, Embark does this magnificently! Player are trying to get their workers onto boats -- and -- assigned to jobs that will then sail to island where workers will hopefully get work and generate victory points. Loved this game with 2 players and can't wait to play it again with more.

  • Cover Your Kingdom - We love Cover Your A$$ets a fast, fun family game from Grandpa Beck's Games ( on Instagram) - and is new favourite in our family. We received a pre-production copy of Cover Your Kingdom, a new version that is on Kickstarter right now (funded lightning fast on the 1st day!). This new and much improved version of the game makes some significant rules changes (quite a few little additions) without adding too much to the speed or complexity of the game. But those changes make the game so much more than it already was. More strategic, more options, and somehow even more fun! A great new theme about creating clans of mystical creatures and building your kingdom with fun pop culture references and some absolutely adorable, amazing art from Apryl Stot. Cover Your Kingdom gets 2 giant SighClops thumbs way up for this one. Check it out. Back it on Kickstarter and play it - over and over and again!

  • Menu Masters - This under-rated and overlooked game is a really simple set collection game with a first-come-first-served mechanism that adds a lot of tension and interesting decisions. Super easy to teach/learn, plays quickly and is great for new gamers and families.

  • Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time - We were able to play a pre-production copy of this co-operative game based on video game (one I am not familiar with). This fantasy tower defense game has a heavy Tetris element where players are working together to try to make all their different cardboard pieces (representing each player's different attack abilities) fit onto the board and cover up the enemies that are attacking. Because each player has their own unique powers and shapes to attack with it really becomes a game where players much work together to find the most efficient way to fit the pieces together and solve the puzzle. To my eyes, the amount of time and thought that has gone into this game is obvious. They have spent a LOT of energy making this game balanced and work properly. Fans of the IP will likely love this one.

  • Centrix - This abstract strategy game has such great table-presence! It just LOOKS like fun and gets a lot of attention on the table. It's a big box with an impressive moulded 3D board with bright colours and the different rings of the board rotate. It LOOKS fun - AND it really is a LOT of FUN! Great family-weight game!

  • Team Play - This is a really clever card game about working together with your player to put together sets of cards from your hand. Simple mechanics and rules that will remind you of some of the fun memories of playing cards with friends but the game still feels fresh and new. The down side is you should really only play it with at least 4 players.

  • Trapwords - This was a BIG hit! We LOVED this fun game! Lots of fun stress and tension when you are the clue guesser AND when you are the clue giver. A great team-based word game. The theme is a little unimportant in this one and I guess it can maybe feel a little longer than you might want it to but super-fun and tons of laughter and excitement are sure to happen during this game!

  • Just One - We realized that we were playing this game with slightly wrong rules and it's MUCH harder with the correct rules. This game ended up with the 4 of us getting "just one" card guessed correctly. Still tons of fun. But now 100% harder!

  • And another play of a game that I can't talk about yet.

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