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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? May 25, 2020

What Did You Play Mondays: May 25, 2020

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

What board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend? Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays

What Board Games did you play this weekend and the previous week? Please share your game plays using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays Board Game in photo: Tricky Track #BoardGames #Board #Game #TabletopGames #BoardGameAddict #PlayGames #Euros #RPGs #PlayMoreGames #GeekyGoodies

This week we brought out a few deck-building games.

  • We played Clank! In! Space! with the Cyber Station 11 expansion. I love the look of this map much more than any other Clank. It looks more like a space vessel (space station in this case) than the previous expansion or the base game. What I enjoy about the Clank series of deck building games is the tension created when you are required to pull "noise cubes" out of the bag. Each pull creates this incredible amount of tension. Will it be my colour? Will my opponent continue to take damage? Please don't let be me! That element and the board/movement make this an excellent deck building game.

  • We played an epic game of DC Comics Deck Building Game with the Crisis (#2) expansion yesterday. I really enjoy the DC Comics and other Cryptozoic DBGs but when you add in one of the Crisis expansions it really ramps up the tension, excitement and thrill! ⁣ The Crisis expansions make the game truly cooperative (there are no points and players either all win or all lose together) and very challenging. Players must really work together and focus on the current objective (i.e. Crisis card) if they want to have a chance to win⁣. ⁣The Crisis cards and super-villain cards do a great job of adding to the theme (for example, Mr Freeze will only let you play 4 cards from your hand - because he has frozen the others). Many of the Crisis cards will change some of the basic rules of the game so the experience is quite varied.⁣ ⁣The DC DBGs are already very interactive in many ways but many of the Crisis cards increase this (players will be required to make sacrifices, purchase cards for other players, defend eachother and more). ⁣ ⁣The game is considerably longer (usually 2-3 hours) but when it is done, you feel like you just fought a huge battle. Depending on how the cards come out, a game can sometimes end in a quick and crushing defeat but it is surprising how many times victory or defeat comes down to having just 1 or 2 more turns or just 1 card. Yesterday's game resulted in a lose where we needed 1 more team to defeat Nekron.⁣

  • I played a few solo games of Rune Age with the Oath and Anvil expansion. When this game first came out I loved it. It is a fantasy-themed deck-building game (DBG) in the Runebound universe, with options to play competitively or cooperatively. Rune Age features 3 different currency to spend in the game, Strength to fight monsters with (and acquire strongholds with), coins to hire warriors with and influence to hire mercenaries and tactics for your deck. Players have a central market with a limited number of cards that they can buy from and their own personal market of cards that only they can purchase from. Each player plays a unique fantays race/faction with their own unique abilities and card combinations. The game does some really interesting things with the way that the card interact sometimes forcing you to would and destroy your own units during battle to generate a more powerful attack strength, allowing you to cull your deck but also weakening the strength of your forces for future turns. The Oath and Anvil expansion is essential for this game as it adds a couple new factions, new scenario events, new mercenary cards for the market and new cards for each faction/race. After having it sit on my shelf unplayed for several years, I found that the shine from Rune Age has faded quite a bit. I think I prefer DBGs where the same market is open to everyone equally and while the theme is exciting and interesting to me, I think there are better deck-building games out now that I prefer to play much more.

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