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What Did You Play Mondays? May 27, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: May 27, 2019

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Game in the photo is Seikatsu

Here is what I played this past week:

  • The Godfather: Corleone's Empire. A brilliant thematic area control game by Eric Lang. Place guys on the map of NY, shaking down local businesses to get resources (guns, booze, laundered money and illicit drugs) and money. Do jobs and convert resources to money. The player with the most money wins. Fans of the movie will enjoy this game. The game play is pretty confrontational but easy to learn and turns move fast. 2-5 players can play this an hour and a half.

  • Wreck Raiders. A fantastic new worker placement game about diving for treasure. Get points for collecting tiles in two different ways on your player board and for buying aquariums. Use the dice to determine where you diver goes for what treasure and fulfill different goal cards. Use shells to change the dice or the treasure in your favour. A great game with lots of ways to score, lots of decisions and very little down-time. You are often getting treasure and having to make decisions on everyone else's turns.

  • Ganz Schon Clever (That's Pretty Clever) is a super clever roll-and-write dice game with a ton of fun options and bunch of ways to strategically set yourself up for big combos scoring lots more points in a single turn. Easy-to-learn and lots fo fun.

  • Thebes. A little older now, Thebes is still one of my all-time favourite games and has the best use of the Time Track mechanism in my opinion. Players must decide how long to gather knowledge to help with their archeologic digs and how long to spend at each dig site looking for buried treasure. The number of weeks you spend at a dig site will affect the number of tokens you get to pull out of that site's treasure bag. There is a limited number of treasure, with different values in each bag and bunch of tokens in each bag that are just "dirt" - the catch here is after you pull the tokens out of the bag, you keep the treasure you found and put the "dirt tokens" back in the bag, making it harder for your competitors to find treasure at this dig next time.

  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. One of the best deduction, murder/mystery games I've played. Every player has 8 cards in front of them that could be used have been used to commit a murder. One player is the murder, one player is the Forensic Scientist and all other players are the Investigator (there are more roles but these are the ones I like to play with). The Forensic Scientist knows who the murderer is, the means by which the murder was committed and the specific clue left behind that will incriminate the murderer and that person must silently use "clue tiles" in the game to provide information for all the Investigators. But the catch is, it's not enough to identify the murderer, you have to also find out how it was done (the means) and the evidence (the clue).

  • Codenames. A modern classic. One game that I think every gamer should have in their collection. The game play can be explained in a few minutes and provides a huge amount of tension and opens up to larger group of 4-8 players. When the other team is playing, your team will want to pay attention so they can eliminate clues for your side. A brilliant game that can played in about 15-20 minutes - and the fun really rises when you play it a few times and everyone gets to be the codemaster.

As well, Sunday was Family Day at Board Game Bliss ( and we brought our niece to experience her first public Game Day (we usually play at their place or ours). It was a great event, well organized with lots of great games and a packed area filled with parents and kids of all ages have fun. We played:

  • Cobra Paw. One player rolls the dice and everyone trys to spot the unique matching pattern on the tiles in the middle of the table before anyone else.

  • RattleSnake. This older Fantasy Flight game is a kids game where each player gets a set of large magnets. The board in the middle of the table shows different colour snakes and on your turn you roll the die showing one of the colour snakes where you have to place one of your magnets. If any magnets stick together while placing your magnet you have to take them all into your hand - and they make a really cool rattlesnake sound when they clash together.

  • Spot it! A super simple pattern recognition game where players try to find the same image shown on 2 different cards. The images are mixed up and the sizes are varied so it is actually a little more difficult than it sounds. A great starter game to play with young kids.

  • Telestrations. A drawing game of Broken Telephone where being a bad drawer makes the game even more fun. Read the word, draw that word and pass it to the player on your left. The fun comes when you get your booklet back to you and see what how much your secret word changed by the time you got it back. Great party game for all ages. Kids that have trouble reading can team-up with an adult.

  • Loopin' Louie. Loopin' Louie is a battery-operated game where Louie in an airplane flys around in circles trying to knock off your chicken tokens. Your only defense is a button that if timed correctly can force Louie's airplane higher into the play area and away from your chickens. The last player to have at least 1 chicken at the end of the game wins. Lots of fun but get very repititious after a while. If you lose all 3 tokens you are out of the game.

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