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What Did You Play Mondays? May 13, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: May 13, 2019

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Game in photo is North Wind

It was a busy gaming week for me! Here is what I played:

  • We played quite a bit of Cryptid this week! Including introducing the game to a few friends and trying a slightly simplified version of the official 2-player rules (available online). This is a clever deduction game about uncovering your opponent's clues to find the elusive Cryptid monster while not revealing the little bit of information you have. The first player to pick the correct space on the board is the winner.

  • Centrix has a great look on the table but it's much "thinkier" than it looks. A multi-level 3D board with rings that rotate on each level and move your pawns around. It's a fun abstract game from local designers and publishers at Analog Game Studio. Takes a lot longer with 6-players but is always tight and exciting right until the finish.

  • We played a couple games of Just One again this week. This game continues to make us laugh. We even learned that we had 1 of the rules wrong - and the game is even HARDER! Such a great game!

  • We introduced a couple friends to Kanagawa this week. Such a beautiful, elegant game. It takes a while to explain how it work and what the different icons do but it's really not very hard at all. Can't wait for the expansion to come out.

  • Introduced a friend to Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit and he really enjoyed it. It's hard not to like this fun game with so many miniatures and clever card play.

  • Krass Kariert is a simple trick-taking game with some really different rules. If you like trick-taking card games then you should give this one a try. I'm not sure how easy this one is to find in North America though.

  • Heul doch! Mau Mau is an awesome card game and the game I'm obsessing over the most this week. On your turn your play a card matching either the number or the card that was randomly dealt face-up in front of you. At the end of the game those cards will be worth points to you. However if your card matches either the colour or number of either play to the left or right of you then you must play your card on top of their pile - giving them points for the end of the game. So simple but so fun! I will be looking for a copy of this one for sure.

  • Cartagena is one of my favourite games of all time. Such a simple mechanism, fast to set-up and teach and just the right amount of messing with your opponents to make it fun. I don't understand why this game gets so much dislike online, everyone I show it too really enjoys it. Very under-rated in my opinion.

  • We haven't played a lot of Codenames in a while now and it was like getting back together with a old friend when we pulled it out at Make New Friends Day this weekend at Board Game Bliss. The perfect party game for a bigger group and a great game to play with new people as an ice-breaker. Still a modern classic for me.

  • We played a couple games of Harbour cuz I wanted to familiarize myself with the base game again before adding in the new High Tide expansion.

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