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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? November 11, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: November 11, 2019

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This was a great gaming week for me! Loved all the games I played and all the people I played with!

  • I'm GUSHING about When I Dream to everyone who will listen! OMG! I loved this game. A friend bought a used copy at our local FLGS and we opened it and played a 6-player game that day. It was SO clever and a lot of fun! This is the kind of game that I wish I had thought of and designed! Such a simple concept: You are given a secret identity of either a Dream Spirit trying to help the Dreamer (who is blindfolded) guess the secret word on the card in the middle of the table, or a Naught Spirit trying to get the dreamer to guess the word incorrectly. There is also a Sandman role and that player is trying to have the blindfolded dreamer guess the same amount of correct answers and same wrong answers. Simple, quick and SO much fun! Other players at the table had mixed reactions to the game but my friend and I both thought it was fantastic! I will be hunting for a copy of this game in the next few months for sure!

  • I got to play Point Salad for the first time. This is a really interesting (and easy to learn) card drafting/set collection game. If you like games like Sushi Go then this one is a no brainer! Plays fast, lots of interesting choices and can be played with kids, new gamers and more veteran gamers alike. This will be on my Christmas List for sure.

  • Mammoth Hunters is a quick area majority game with the greatest mammoth meeples (mameeples?) and the game has some really interesting elements. There are light and dark cards, light cards generally help you control the board but the "cost" stones for you to play. The only way to get stones is by playing a dark card that helps your opponents. Fun right. Also every turn another section of the board gets covered in ice and "removed" from the game. We played this game twice with 3 players and while it was quick to play, it didn't really leave a lasting impression. I still want to try this one with 4 or 5 players to see how it works but I suspect that the chaotic element of the ever changing board will get more prominent and make it even harder to plan and implement a strategy.

  • I played JAWS for hte first time this week and I absolutely LOVED it! The game does a fantastic job of recreating the theme from the movie and balancing the two different sides. One player is the shark trying to eat up as many tourists as possible and then later detroy the boat. The other players are working together trying to attach barrels to shark and then later kill him before he gets them. Our game was full of excitement and tension from beginning to end and it really came down to the last turn and a couple of bad dice rolls and it could have easily gone the other way. The shark got us all but it was such a great experience! This MIGHT be my new favourite of the One-Vs-Many games. I'll be picking up a copy of this one asap!

  • I was so happy to teach 3 friends Qwirkle for their first time. This is an excellent abstract strategy game and is much loved in our home. Qwirkle is still one of our most-played games. I had so much fun playing that game that I came home and played it two more times with my wife. Great game!

  • The Reiner Knizia classic, Winner's Circle hit the table again this week after a long hiatus. This is a betting game with a mathy sort of twist! You roll the dice (I like to tell people it's sort of a roll and move game because everyone assumes that is always a bad thing) and you can move ANY horse you want in the race the number of sections listed beside the symbol you rolled. The catch is that you have 2 secret bets that you've placed on horse to win, place or show, 1 "double bet" that pays out double and 1 "bluffing" bet that is ignored but you need to use to convince your opponents that you want that horse to move. The trick to this game is to try to have your opponents move the horses that you bet on and use your own rolls to slow down the horses that you don't want to win. Hence this is less a betting/race game and more about figuring out the strategies of your opponents. It's a little long to play and I usually only recommend one race but the game really shines if you play at least 2 races or a full game of 3 consecutive races. Still a classic and there is a new version out that is pricey but comes with some amazing painted horses.

  • Taught some friends another classic, Thurn and Taxis this week! A great game about creating mail routes (okay it's a dry theme but the game is fantastic). Often referred to as "The Next Step" from Ticket to Ride or as my friend called it this week, Ticket To Ride on crack! If you haven't played this one, seek it out - you won't be disappointed.

  • Space Base is still going strong in our house. In my opinion this is the best of the tableau building games like Machi Koro. Very little down-time and lots of interesting card combinations for success.

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