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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? November 18, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: November 18, 2019

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The game in the photo is Shokoba

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What an amazing Birthday Week! So, so many, many people made me feel special and loved this week! Thank you to everyone who sent kind words and well wishes as well as all the friends and family who I got to play with this week! I got lots of new games and I got to play quite a few!

  • My family bought me a copy of Mini Rails for my birthday. I’m not normally a fan of train games (besides the Ticket to Ride series) but I love this one. Mini Rails has a set of rules that are super streamlined and so uber-elegant to play it feels like we’re stirring a vat of rich Swiss chocolate instead of playing a game. You have only two actions on your turn and you are going to do both of them once each every round. The game plays over 6 short rounds and each round players are buying a stock in 1 train company and building 1 route (and thereby increasing or decreasing the value of that companies stock) every turn. At the end of the game companies that didn’t pay taxes (they built more routes) will be worthless to everyone – and companies that did pay taxes (they built less routes) will have all their debt forgiven and players will lose all positive or negative points from those companies. Whoever has the most points after that wins. Simple and fun!

  • The Expanse Board Game by Geoff Engelstein is an amazing game that recreates the shifting sands and political tension from the books and TV show. Pay for your card – with victory points – and play it for the event text at the bottom or use the card for the action (action points) at the top of the card. If you use the card for actions then one of your opponents gets to do the even text on that card instead of you. This is an area majority game with fairly simple and elegant rules. This is one of the few “long games” that I will play at any time. Love it!

  • Since before my niece was born, I’ve been collecting and learning kids games to teach her and play with her. Some of these have already been successful and some have failed miserably. But my sister came home with a copy of My First Carcassonne for us to play together and this – this! – was a HUGE success! It was so much fun watching my 6-year-old niece and my 3-year-old nephew get excited learning this version of a game I love so much, Carcassonne! We played with some modified rules for the first couple of games but they LOVED it! We’ll be playing a LOT more of this one in the years to come!

  • My good friend, Matt gave me a copy of the beautiful Tsuro and we played it during the week. This is an excellent fast game that can be played with up to 8 players (I have so few games that will play with up to 8 players)! Place a tile in front of your piece and follow the path of to the end of the tile. Don’t crash into your opponents or have your piece leave the board or you are out. Stay alive until everyone else is eliminated and you win. Fast, easy, fun and super beautiful. Highly recommended.

  • We played The Grimm Masquerade for the first time and I was really impressed with this beautiful deduction game featuring the popular children’s characters from our youth. Every player has a secret role and is trying to collect 3 cards of a certain type while not collecting 2 of another type. Players are giving and keeping cards every turn and it’s important to not be too obvious with your choices. Very easy to learn and a lot of fun! Loved this one! Adorable, cute and fun!

  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is my favourite deduction game for large groups. Players are either part of a team of investigators or murderer and accomplice. Players have 8 cards in front them and one side needs to figure out who the murderer is and what specific two cards that player picked to be the murder weapon and the evidence left behind at the scene. Because everyone’s role (or team) is secret, the other side is trying to deflect attention from themselves and make other players look guilty without being caught. Always fun!

  • I also got a copy of Tiny Towns for my birthday and we played it right away. This pattern building, puzzley game has players constructing tetris-like shapes (all at the same time so there is no down time) to then turn into the building (really cool wooden buildings) that match that shape. Lots of different cards for lots of replayability and interesting choices and lots of frustration when your opponent picks a piece that you don’t want and now have to somehow fit and include in your own town. Great game!

  • I lasted longer in this game of King of Tokyo than I normally do (I’m usually the first eliminated) and I got to watch the most epic game of the giant monsters battling it out over several rounds. This game had players losing victory points several times during the game, tons of evolutions and power cards, players coming back to life after losing all their health and victory points, and amazing rolls of the dice. Very exciting all the way through!

  • Mysterium has players working together to decipher clues in the form of other-worldly pictures to solve a murder. This is an excellent cooperative game that always has the group discussing options and cheering for each other.

  • We played Point Salad again! Such an excellent set collection and card drafting game. Easy to learn, fast and fun to play. I will be buying a copy of this one soon!

  • We played Werewords for the first time. This is a much better version of Werewolf games in my opinion. Every player is given a secret word (using an app) and the other players ask simple yes-or-no questions (like a game of 20 Questions) about the secret word. But one player is the werewolf and is secretly trying to steer the group away from the secret word without making it too obvious. The 20 Questions part of this game is what makes it so easy to teach and play with anyone.

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