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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? November 25, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: November 25, 2019

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The game in the photo is The Quacks of Quedlinburg

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My Birthday Month of Gaming continues with some more great games played during the previous week.

  • My new obsession of this week is Horrified! I can't believe that I haven't played this game before now! As a long-time super-fan of b-movies and all the old monster movies - AND cooperative games, this one almost seems like it was made specifically for me! Horrified is a cooperative game about working together to fight monsters (many of the old Universal movie monsters like Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Mummy, Dracula and The Creature from the Black Lagoon) invading and attacking a small town. Solve the mini-games-within-the-game to defeat the monsters before the deck runs out or too many people are killed and you win. Our game was sooooo close and we all had a blast. I will looking buy myself a copy of this excellent game this week.

  • Linkee is a trivia game with a big twist. The questions are fast and often easy to figure out. Players (or teams - we recommend teams) are quietly figuring out the answers to a series of 4 trivia questions and those 4 answers are all related in some way. Figure out how they are related and shout out that answer to win the card for points. The winner is the first player/team to get enough cards to spell the word "LINKEE" (there is 1 letter on the back of each card). If you have duplicates or extras of certain letters you can trade them in to take away a letter from your opponents or get a letter from the box. You can learn to play this game in 60 seconds. If you like Jeopardy or Trivia Pursuit, then LINKEE is a must for your next party or game night.

  • I think I am a little late to the Quacks of Quedlinburg game but WOW, this one was worth the wait! This is essentially a push-your-luck game with a healthy dose of deck-building (bag building in this case) and a really accessible theme about adding ingredients to you pot to make the best brew. Easy to teach/learn and fun to play.

  • Century Spice Road continues to be a staple in our home. It's a simple engine building game where you start with a simple set of cards that let you gain cubes (different spices) and trade your cubes for better cubes. On your turn you can take a new (hopefully better) card, play a card to take cubes or trade the cubes for more valuable cubes, fulfill an "order" for cubes (spices) or "miss your turn" and pick up all your previously played cards for a future turn. Simple, fast and fun. Always a big hit with new gamers.

  • Dr. Eureka is a frantic, real-time game about mixing molecules from testtube to testtube without touching them with your bare hands or letting fall on the table. Be the first to match the pattern on the card in the middle of the table and you win the card as points. Fast, frenetic and fun. Great for kids, families and just about anyone else.

  • Welcome To... is like a Roll-And-Write game but this one is a Flip (a card) and Fill (out a part of your player sheet). Players are racing to build a neighbourhood of houses with parks, pools, fences and more. Number your houses in ascending order from left to right on each of your streets and try to fulfill the contracts in the middle of the table before your opponents. The first player to fulfill a contract will get more points than everyone after but there are a LOT of different strategies in this game that can get you points to make up for missing out on those bonuses. This is either my #1 or #2 favourite of these kinds of games. Love it!

  • Mini Rails is a sleek, elegant and fast train game. Players either buy stock in a train company or build the route of a train company. Players take turns doing 1 action and must do both actions each round but can decide what order to do them in. A turn order track determines who goes first but timing is key in this game filled with tough decisions. Plays in about 30 minutes but has a deep strategic feel to gameplay.

  • 5211 is quick card game with a unique scoring. Player start with 5 cards and each round starts with players playing 2 cards face-down, simultaneously reveal them. Refill your hand to 5 cards and then repeat the process two more times each time only playing 1 more card. Only the card suit (color) with the majority of cards played will score points (value of the card) - unless too many were played then the 2nd most will score. Quick, unique and fun - definately worth a try if you like trick-taking games.

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