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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? October 21, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: October 21, 2019

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

What board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend? Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays

What board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend?  Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays
Game in photo is Thurn and Taxis


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This was a quiet week except for Saturday when we hosted a Game Day and got to play all these fun games:

  • Canine Kleptomaniacs is kind a card game kind of like Exploding Kittens for dogs, however, I think this game is much better. We played a prototype of this game and I don't think it's available for purchase yet. Your dog is set collecting cards in your different hiding places, thinks like squeaky toys, pretty knickers, sweaty boxers and old shoes and dirty socks. Silly fun with lots of twists and turns. We played it with 5 players and laughed the whole time (with some of "ewwws" for the poop jokes). A great game for dog lovers.

  • Village Pillage is EXCELLENT! A fun card game about stealing turnips from your neighbours and then trading them in for some royal relics. Simultaneous action selection that is super-easy to learn and teach with a little bit of Take That and Rock-Paper-Scissors thrown in - but in the most perfect way. Great art on the cards and a great game! I NEED to own this and will likely back the expansion that is in its last few days on Kickstarter right now.

  • Tiny Towns is a very clever pattern-building game. Everyone gets exactly the same resources in the same order but the strategy is in how you place them and what shapes you create to build your tiny town. A truly excellent puzzle game. I will probably be picking this one up too.

  • 5-Minute Dungeon is always fun to play. Extra fun when you get to show it to fans of fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons cuz the theme just works so well and the frantic pace really gets your blood pumping.

  • Visitor in Blackwood Grove - I love this little game. This is a super-fast deduction game with a Stranger Things/E.T. theme about a kid and the government agents trying to figure out the clues to get through the alien visitor's forcefield. The visitor is given cards with just simple pictures on them and has a "rule" for what will or will not pass through the forcefield. Some cards are revealed face-up and some are face-down so not everyone has the same information. 3-6 players, plays in about 10 minutes usually, great price point for a quick fun game that you'll play several times in a row taking turns being The Visitor.

  • I love a game with a really fun gimmick and Mord im Arosa has that for sure! Players are trying to first find the 2 murdered bodies (red cubes) in the partially hollowed out cardboard tower in the middle of the table by listening to them hit, click and flop on the different floors through their way down, before resting on 1 of the floors. Later players will also be listening for their own cubes, so they can try to remove evidence that implicates them in the murders and for the sounds of their opponent's cubes so they can point the finger at them. Listening is the key mechanism in this one and it certainly makes for a unique game experience.

  • Dream Home is a cute card drafting, set collecting about building rooms in your home. Great artwork and fun for families with kids aged 7 and up.

  • We played a prototype of Board Royale. A great theme with excellent artwork the game is about surving (or escaping) an deserted island. You can craft objects and weapons with things you find on the island, including weapons that you can then use to attack your opponents on the island. The goal is to be the last person alive or collect enough things to escape from the island. This is a very fast, very confrontational card game with a great theme however, this version of the game felt a little flat with only 3 players as no one wanted to trade anything that might later be used against them. I suspect some of the rules will change as the game gets closer to fulfillment and that the game is a lot better with 4 or more players.

  • Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation is a stand-alone expansion for the deck-building game, Tanto Cuore. This is actually a great deck-building game (and expansion) with some artwork that is controversial and problematic for many people. The theme is about a staffing your house with the best servants (maids in this case) and creating the best "house" - sort of like Downton Abbey The Deck Building Game. The problems arise with the artwork from some of the bigger artists in the world of Japanime (or Anime). While much of the card art is technically brilliant and even beautiful, many cards feature scantily clad maids drawn in sexually suggestive poses or drawings and that has creeped out some people not familiar with this very popular genre of Anime. I am not part of the Anime world or culture and the while mostly harmless the artwork can be, at least surprising and sometimes uncomfortable. If the theme appeals to you (or you can look past the art) there is a really fantastic deck-building game here that fixes many of the things I dislike about similar DBGs. Definitely worth a try - (or at least a peak)!

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