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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? October 28, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: October 28, 2019

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Game in photo is Haunt the House


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Had a really fun week with friends and got play a couple new games and a bunch of new/modern classics.

  • I picked up a thrift store copy of Dr. Eureka in shrink wrap so we played this a few times this weekend. This is a fast dexterity game with a great table presence. Players have plastic test tubes with different coloured balls in them and are trying to swap the balls around by "pouring" them from one test tube to another without touching the balls or dropping them to match the card in the middle of the table as fast as possible. Fast. Frantic. Fun.

  • No Escape is a fast roll-and-move game that has players racing to get out of a maze of tiles. The first player to get "off" the board is the winner. No Escape doesn't offer a lot of strategic depth but it plays fast enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome.

  • Shokoba is a card game about collecting animals that have escaped to the center of the table. Players start with 3 cards in hand and a few animals are in the middle of the table. You are either collecting an animal card with matching numbers or multiple animal cards that add up to the exact sum of the card you played. If your card doesn't match any of these criteria you have to add a card from your hand to the middle of the table. The end of the round provides points for players with the most of each animal type and the player with the most cards overall. I seem to really like this game a lot more than the people I've played it with - which means that I probably won't get to play it very often 8( This is a simple filler that can play in 20 minutes and will work well for families with younger kids - specially if you are hoping to foster some simple addition/mathematics.

  • Slide Quest is my newest obsession. A cooperative game that has players lifting their edge of the board to have the knight (a cute token with a marble in the base) roll around the board following a path, without making him fall in any of the holes in the board. Other levels might require you to knock enemies in the holes. A really great cooperative, dexterity game with a campaign mode that you can play as well. This one will be high on my Want List this holiday season!

  • Rising Sun. What can you say about one of the most talked about board games in modern times. One of the very best area-control games in existence with such a great mechanism for handling combat. A beautiful, new classic.

  • El Grande is an older area control Euro game that still holds up extremely well today. The many moving parts in this game give players a lot of strategic options.

  • Century: Spice Road is still one of my favourite games for set collection and hand management. It's an easy game to teach to new people, quick to teach and play and can introduce new gamers to a few different game mechanics in an easy non-threating way.

  • Visitor in Blackwood Grove is a super-fast, asymmetric, two-versus-many deduction game (it can be played in 5-15 minutes usually with up to 6 players). This is a great choice if you want to play something like Mysterium but only have 10 minutes to play. We love it so much it usually gets played several times in a row when it comes out.

  • Chakra is a nice, light filler game about aligning the pretty colourful gems on your board using a limited set of actions. Chakra creates a calming, puzzley game feeling that is all about finding the optimal moves to victory.

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