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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? October 7, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: October 7, 2019

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What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

What board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend? Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondaysWhat board and tabletop games did you play during the previous week/weekend? Share your game plays and thoughts using #WhatDidYouPlayMondays

#WhatDidYouPlayMondays | Game in photo is The Pretender

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A busy week here with very little gaming but quality games played. Here is what we played:

  • The big hit of this week (and a lot longer than that) was Cartooner! This game has players creating their own comic over 4 rounds using Theme Cards dealt out at the beginning of the game and ever-changing Trend Cards. ⁣Each round has a time limit, rewards and becomes increasingly difficult. ⁣ Being a good artist is not important. The game is really more about story-telling and adapting your story to the cards as they come out. ⁣

  • Smart 10 is a tabletop trivia game that doesn't require a table to play (think of it as a "Coffee Table Game" that you can play sitting around on the sofa). Take a guess, pull out the answer marker. If you are right keep it as a point. If you're wrong you lose your points and you are out for the round. ⁣It is as much a push your luck game as a trivia game with players having to decide if they want to risk answering a question that maybe they are not 100% certain of or pass and be out of the rest of the round. ⁣Very good casual game for fans of trivia. I want to try this one in teams. ⁣Also good for long road trips, restaurants and bars, and other less traditional gaming environments. Take your turn and play or pass the game to the next player. ⁣

  • Viva Topo! Super cute kids game about mice running from a cat and collecting cheese. Good for teaching very young kids about different strategic options in a game.

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