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#WhatDidYouPlayMondays? September 16, 2019

What Did You Play Mondays: September 16, 2019

Join the Board Game Conversation.

What Board Games did YOU play last week and/or during the weekend?

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The game in the photo is: Camel Up with Supercup expansion

This week we played:

  • Wingspan! Played it a few times now and I'm still loving it. There is a real calming, multi-player solitaire feel to this game that I really enjoy. The game plays kind of quickly and is forgiving but still have lots of competitive and strategic options. I'm already counting the days until to some expansions get released!

  • Introduced 5-Minute Dungeon to my sister and her husband and now they are making plans to buy it this week. I told them about 5-Minute Marvel and I won't be surprised if they buy both versions of the game - they liked it that much! The frantic real-time chaotic nature of this game is what makes it difficult - and a ton of fun. Cooperatively we're working together playing cards to the middle of the table to match symbols on the cards that come out of the "bad guy deck" to make our way to the end of the dungeon and defeat the obstatcles and monsters in the dungeons until the big boss at the end. Takes 5-minutes to play, easy to learn, can be played with kids and is a ton of stressful fun!

  • I also tried the first villain in 5-Minute Marvel this week. I had heard that it was easier to win with this version of the game and my only 1 play of the game would seem to confirm that. It was fun but I think I prefer 5-Minute Dungeon.

  • The Furglars is a game that is recommended for kids aged 7 and up and while reading the rules I thought, "Oh, this will be a good game to play with the kids but won't I don't think it'll be fun to play with adults." Well, I was definately right that it is a good game to play with kids! It's a dice rolling game (with hollow plastic dice - where one side is the face of the furry Furgle creatue that we're all trying to capture) but unlike games like King of Tokyo you can roll all your dice once. You have to keep whatever you roll. There are a lot of "blanks" to roll in this game and I thought that wouldn't really work as it would mean there was less options for you on your turn - but that's kind of the point of this game. If you roll any Furgle creatures you put those dice on your character sheet. If they are there at the beginning of your next round you will trade them in for money and then get to add them to the dice your roll on your next turn. If you roll any "hands" with your dice you can steal any unprotected Furgles from another players character card - unless they are protected by one of more "lock" die. Roll "locks" to protect your Furgles from being stolen before your next turn. But here is the catch: Any dice not on your character card (i.e. anything that isn't the elusive Furglar or a lock) is passed to the next player, so they are kind of you using your dice against you. The dice keep getting passed along the next player and the number of dice you roll is constantly changing so on your turn you may only get to roll 1 or 2 dice of you may get passed a hand full of dice to roll. This simple little twist makes the game silly and fun to play and adds a lot more tension than I expected. After playing it a few times with a couple different groups of kids, I played it with a group of 6 adults and the table was full of laughter while we played it. So it works with adults too! Granted it's not a terribly strategic game, it's actually a lot of fun with the right group. Don't take it too seriously (the dice are not even weighted properly we kept pointing out!) and play with some kids and it'll become a staple with your family or a fun filler for your open-minded gamer friends.

  • GROWL is a quick werewolf-type game with hidden roles, teams and passing cards. Quick and fun. One of the better versions of these kinds of games.

  • It only came out in 2017 but somehow playing, Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's Trail again was like having dinner with an old and much-loved friend. SUCH a brilliant game by fellow-Toronto designer, Stephen Sauer, Purrrlock has players working together in a semi-cooperative way to defeat the evil mastermind (kitty), Furriarty by guessing the card displayed in the front of them. Clues that you get from other players will be about the animal on the card (there are 5 different animals) or the time on the card - and the time can be the exact number or one of the adjacent numbers either above or below. Hard to win and super clever and lots of fun!

  • Introduced Cobra Paw to a friend and his 2 young boys who loved it. This is a speed pattern recognition game where you roll the dice and find the domino/token in the middle of the table that match the 2 symbols showing on the dice. This one has been a BIG hit with every kid I've ever played it with. Great quality components made by the people who make Bananagrams.

  • Cheeky Butts is a brand new game (I don't think it's out just yet) from the folks at Bananagrams for kids 4 and up. It's a bit like playing hot potato with cards. On your turn you grab a card from the scatter pile in the middle of the table and match the animal (and it's butt!) to one of the cardboard dishes in front of the players. If the animal shown on the card matches one of the dishes in front of you then it's still your turn and you have to grab another card. If the card shows an animal in front of one of your opponents then they become the active player as soon as you put the card in their dish. If the random-length timer stops while it's still your turn you have to lose a Cheeky Butts token. Lose all your 3 tokens and you're out of the game - so there is some player elimination. Everytime someone loses a token you rotate the dishes a little bit so the pattern-recognition/memory part of the game is always changing. Lots of fun and panic for young kids. Got this one of Friday and we've played it a LOT already!

  • Crazy Toaster is REALLY hard! Press the toaster button, catch the carboard toast with the pan and match the "kind of toast" to your plate. ⁣The game says ages 4 and up but it in incredibly hard - even for adults. My niece and nephew endedup frustrated with it and didn't want to play it after just a couple games. This one looks great and watching the toast shoot way up in the air is fun but it's too hard to be fun.

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