Blood and Motor Oil Men's/Unisex White T-shirts


Set in a universe where robots are sworn to protect human life, but still struggle to understand it.  The Woman is a genius in blending biology and mechanics, but is having difficulty with her memory.  Now a Robot has taken her hostage, as it attempts to better understand her, and humanity.  Finding that they have a common foe, the Woman and the Robot join forces to flee the pending incursion.  By delving into their pasts, they find that their pursuer may be more familiar than they thought.  While the Robot and the Woman search for a peaceful resolution, the incoming forces want to spill their Blood and Motor Oil. The single issues of the three part story are convention exclusives.  


The graphic novel in its entirety will be available through comiXology and or in early 2020.


Geeky Goodies is proud to partner with Allison Danger to bring you these awesome products. Allison, born and raised in a town north of Toronto, a Canadian writer and also the writer/creator of Blood and Motor Oil. Allison is an analytical romantic that uses story telling to best express her sentiment and emotionality, and relates most to her Robot protagonist. She has also taken on the inking, colouring, and cover design for her book. Her works are influenced by pop culture, and she believes every story needs a great soundtrack. She studied at Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Humber College School of Health Sciences Alumnus.


You can follow all of Allison Danger's projects, both ongoing, and upcoming at and see works in progress by following her on Instagram @glass_cabinet_creative or twitter @allydangerous.


Some shirt colours are only available in sizes up to 2X or 3X (see product availability when ordering). Size of design may appear bigger on our website to show you all the details and colours may differ from what you see on your screen.  

Blood and Motor Oil Men's/Unisex White T-shirt

  • Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton™ T-Shirt

    • 6.1 oz, 100% cotton
    • Seamless Double needle collar
    • Double needle bottom hem and sleeves

    ::: Sizing (width x length)

    • S 18" (w) x 28" (l)
    • M 20" (w) x 29" (l)
    • L 22" (w) x 30" (l)
    • XL 24" (w) x 31" (l)
    • 2XL 26" (w) x 32" (l)
    • 3XL 28" (w) x 33" (l)
    • 4XL 30" (w) x 34" (l)
    • 5XL 32" (w) x 35" (l)

Chris Cormier, Owner/Designer


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