Board Game Pimp Poster

If you pimp your board games then you NEED to get one of these to show the world how you roll - your dice. A Board Game Pimp is someone who adds to or alters the board games they own and makes them better somehow.

Maybe you buy tiny miniatures, or glass beads to make the gaming experience more fun. Maybe you found the perfect storage solution, created a helpful player aid, or thrifted wooden bits that look better than the ones that came when you bought the game. There are lots of ways to be a Board Game Pimp so share your board game obsession with the world and strut your stuff!

Hang this on the wall or put it in a frame. Perfect for the board game geek in your life, for yourself, or your gaming room!

Board Game Pimp Poster

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  • Posters are professionally printed on matte paper (copyright information is not printed on final artwork). Frame and hanging materials not included.


    :: DIMENSIONS ::

    • 5" x 5"
    • 8" x 8"
    • 10" x 10"
    • 12" x 12" 
    • 24" x 24"


    :: COLOURS ::

    You have 5 colour options when ordering
    • Red letters printed on a white background
    • Green letters printed on a white background
    • Blue letters printed on a white background
    • Black letters printed on a white background
    • White letters printed on a black background


    Placing an order:
    • First choose a Colour option, 
    • then size/dimensions, 


    Size of the poster may appear bigger on our website to show you all the details.

Chris Cormier, Owner/Designer


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