Facility 07 Coffee Mugs (Never Engine Games)


Facility 07 is easy to learn and teach to non-gamers and has high replayability. The Facility is built out of cards room by room as you explore and its different every time. There are over 2 million possible layouts! There's plenty of take that action and exciting narrative along with secret objectives and hilarious player interaction.


We drew a lot of inspiration from spy genre parodies like Austin Powers, Archer, and Chuck, and created a light hearted party game with a solid balance of strategy and luck. The evil genius Professor Norwood is obsessed with pop-culture. He’s created off brand versions of iconic spy gadgets, and you play as iconic spies and action heroes who infiltrate his lair to stop him from destroying the world. Very groovy, baby!  When you wear this shirt you become an agent in the fight against the Evil Professor Norwood AND you get to look as cool as agents like Craig Pierce of MI6 or Boston Flowers of the Ministry of Defense.


Geeky Goodies is proud to partner with Never Engine Games to bring this product about their exciting game to our customers. All artwork used with permission.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe however we recommend hand-washing all mugs to preserve the printed image for a longer period of time.


The image appears on both sides of the mug. Colours, design and mug style may differ slightly from what you see on your screen and the image will vary depending on the size of the mug. All mug sales are final. We are not able to accept returns on ANY mug purchases.

Facility 07 Coffee Mug (Never Engine Games)

  • 100% White Ceramic

    • Sizes: 11 Fluid oz. and 11 Fluid oz.
    • Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe, however we recommend hand-washing all mugs to preserve the printed image for a longer period of time.

Chris Cormier, Owner/Designer



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