Vinyl Game Mat Printing Service

A board game mat is a simple way to improve the gaming experience. Now you can get your favourite game mat printed with Geeky Goodies. Send us the file(s) for one of your own creations or one that you’ve found online (please respect all copyright laws and ensure that you have permission to print your game mat before ordering).

These are not pre-printed gaming mats. You must provide the file(s) for printing. You can provide print-ready artwork that you have created or from some other source that you have permission to use. Send your file(s) to after you place your order.

::: DETAILS :::
This listing is for printing game mats up to a maximum of 16” x 30” in dimensions.

These are single-sided, full-colour, professionally printed vinyl mats. Digitally printed on 13oz vinyl banner material that is highly durable, water and damage resistant and rolls up for easy storage.

Vinyl Game Mat Printing Service

  • Digitally printed 13oz vinyl banner material.  

    Quickly and easily remove “curl” by rolling the mat in the opposite direction.  

    Note: these are not the “mousepad material” or rubber gaming mats.  The banner vinyl material has tiny bumps creating a pronounced texture and reinforcing the strength and durability of the product, as such very tiny text may be hard to read.


All prices in US dollars.

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All prices in US Dollars


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United States: Flat rate $8
Canada: Flat rate $9
International: Flat rate $10.49

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