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We aspire to spark curiosity, with our shirts and products becoming conversation starters, prompting questions like, "What's that you're wearing?" or "What's this all about?" It's our way of contributing to the expansion of The Board Gaming Hobby, even if just in a small but meaningful way. Join us on this exciting journey of uniting enthusiasts and spreading the joy of board gaming!


Meet Chris Cormier, the design force behind Geeky Goodies. By day, he's a marketing and graphic design maestro, tackling the business world. But by night, Chris transforms into a hero, combating crime, dragons, zombies, and global pandemics—all while immersing himself in the captivating realm of board games.

With over two decades of experience, Chris has been the guiding hand for countless small and medium-sized businesses, shaping their narratives and fostering growth.


Geeky Goodies is his canvas, a creative outlet where his love for board gaming and geeky fandoms comes to life.

Chris and Sherri Cormier of Geeky Goodies

Beyond designing T-shirts and strategizing board games, Chris is a man of diverse passions. From indulging in Doctor Who obsessions to immersing himself in sci-fi and fantasy realms, he's a connoisseur of rethemed board and card games. His heart beats for Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, hockey, reggae music, and old movies.

Chris' partner in creativity, Sherri, is more than just a wife. She's his creative companion, constructive critic, Editor-In-Chief, idea bouncer, profanity filter, external flash memory drive, and soulmate.


Working  on Ideas Company, they weave communication materials for small business clients by day and dive into their diverse creative passions by night.


Join Chris and Sherri on this exhilarating journey where business meets passion, and every moment is an adventure.

Ideas Company Logo

Specializing in bringing your ideas to life, whether it's through captivating websites or eye-catching logos.


Bringing your BIG IDEAS life, for endless growth.

Escape Into Board Games Podcast

Escape reality with Chris and his friend Matt who talk about the board games they are playing and all things related to board gaming on their new podcast.

The Negative Space Co Logo

Fun mugs and gift ideas for people looking to embrace the negative!

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