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We Are Passionate About Board Games!

We love to share our passion for Board Games with others. We have found that the best part of board gaming is the people that you meet while playing and the community that you create from those connections.  We believe that a strong Board Game Community helps us all find and play the games that we enjoy and have more fun. A healthy, growing community builds an environment with more, new exciting games to discover and more people to enjoy them with.
Below you'll find information on some of the people and places you can visit to learn about The Board Gaming Hobby. We'll be adding to - and updating this section of our website as frequently as we can and hope to be adding to it soon - if you have any suggestions of what we might be able to add here share your wishlist with us by email at:    [last update: February 16, 2017] | Board Game Geek (BGG)

The #1 source for information about board games, new and old.  You can create an account for free and access board game reviews, ratings, images, player aids, and much more on their site.  


You can find Geeky Goodies and Chris interacting on BGG regularly as: zuzusdad.

The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games.


The Dice Tower provide gamers with some of the best video reviews, Q&A's, Top 10 Lists, audio shows, and much more to help grow the community.

Pair Of Dice Paradise

Pair Of Dice Paradise

Does every game have a silver lining? That's the question that Pair Of Dice Paradise seeks to answer with creative news, reviews, and commentary about board and tabletop games.


Check out Pair Of Dice Paradise, hosted by Chaz Marler, a guy who loves games with his head in the clouds on

#WhatDidYouPlayMondays | Board Game discussion online - every week | We love hearing from you and hope you’ll join us every Monday. Tweet, post and share what games you’ve played during the previous week using the #WhatDidYouPlayMondays


In October 2014 we created the #WhatDidYouPlayMondays hashtag on Twitter to promote the growth and discussion of board games online. It has grown to include a very active community on several Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.


Every week we post a new photo and ask the world to share what they've been playing - it's a great way to hear what people are saying and what games actually get played.

Board Game Creative Projects | Tabletop Rethemes, Redesigns, Pimps and other improvements

Board Game
Creative Projects

A place for Board Gamers to share the creative improvements to the games they love.  Join us on Facebook and share photos, videos, resources & tips for board game pimps, rethemes, redesigns and other improvements (big and small) to your board, card, strategy, abstract, AmeriTheme, Euros, family, party games and more.

Board Game Quote of the Week | Fun things said or overheard while playing tabletop games. Share yours!

Board Game Quote of
the Week

Fun things said or overheard while playing tabletop games.


Share yours using the hashtag #BoardGameQuote and check them out on Instagram.

PAWNderings | Geeky Goodies | Questions and conversations about board games. Share your thoughts using the hashtag #PAWNderings.


Questions and conversations about board games. Share your thoughts using the hashtag #PAWNderings.

It's our hope that PAWNderings can be a place for tabletop gamers to come together and share opinions on gaming and the game industry.  We hope those conversations will lead to more conversations in game rooms, cafes, and game stores all over - and maybe encourage some new people to find out more about rich, exciting hobby.

Geeky Goodies on Facebook | News, contests, photos and fun stuff for board gamers and geeks of all kinds

Geeky Goodies on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, join us for geeky and board gamer news, contest alerts, fun stuff, and the occasional news and info about what we're doing at the Geeky Goodies Headquarters.



Love getting a good deal on your favorite board games?


BGSmack delivers the best board game deals daily from across the web. We also provide reviews, insightful articles, high quality photo sets, and assistance with questions with players new to the hobby.


Visit their website or join their Facebook Deals Group. | Price Comparison Site for Board Games


BoardGamePrices is a price comparison site for board games.  They find the prices and availability of board games and share the info with us - the people who are looking to buy games.  

Eternity TTRPG | Tabletop Role Playing Gaming RPGs

Eternity TTRPG

Eternity TTRPG is dedicated to helping tabletop gamers discover the magic in tabletop roleplay gaming.


Visit the site to find TTRPG articles, resources, DM tools and advice, and reviews of the best TTRPGs of all time. If you love tabletop gaming, you'll fit right in at Eternity TTRPG

Visit their website and find out more.

The Boardgame Group (TBG)

The Boardgame Group (TBG)

The Boardgame Group is of a group of table top gamers who have banded together on Facebook. Originating in the dark corner of a Yahtzee box, this group slowly evolved until it became the powerful(ly opinionated) near sentient group organism it is today. 


We focus on the positive aspect of socialization, gameplay, and lives of our gamers. We watch out for each other, be it for a long sought after game, or finding somewhere or someone to game with. When you roll with TBG, you know we've got your back if you roll a natural 1 in your gaming life. 

Meeple Syrup Show | every episode is an opportunity to learn about how games are designed from the designers themselves

The Meeple Syrup Show

Created by Daryl Andrews & Sen-Foong Lim, The Meeple Syrup Show is a web show focused on board game designers. Every episode is an opportunity to learn about how games are designed from the designers themselves.

Meeple Leaf

Meeple Leaf

Nick Angiers is the founder of Meeple Leaf, a network of tabletop gaming events in Vancouver, Canada. When he's not gaming he's either thinking about games, learning languages, or taking care of his various pets. 

Tabletop Audio | Music for Board Gamers

Tabletop Audio

Created by a professional composer/sound designer, Tabletop Audio offers an impressive list of incredible background music to listen to while gaming. Thematic titles include: Zombies, Medieval Town, Sleeping Dragon, Forbidden Galaxy, True West, and many more  – all for free

Melodice | Thematic background music playlists that enhance your board gaming experience


Thematic background music playlists that enhance your board gaming experience!


Type in a board game name and enjoy the best hand-picked songs.

Fail Faster

Fail Faster

Fail Faster is a playtesting journal for board game designers. The journal guides designers to take the notes they need to take in order to be better playtesters, and ultimately better designers.
Fail Faster was founded by Jay Cormier, designer of over a dozen games like Junk Art, Belfort, Akrotiri, D&D: Rock Paper Wizard and more. Jay has taught game design at the Vancouver Film School for over 6 years and strives to give back to the game industry and up and coming designers.

BoardAgain Games

BoardAgain Games

Board games are not just fun, but are amazing collections of ideas that you can interact with like no other form of entertainment. Board games have the power to bring people together, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability. In other words, they are the bee’s knees. We host private and public games nights in Toronto. We care about inclusive, accessible and fun gaming experience for all! 

Bored Online? Board Offline!

Bored Online? Board Offline!

Bored Online? Board Offline! is a channel that teaches and shows you how to play some of the best board games this hobby has to offer.  They create detailed How to Play videos, full gameplays, and occasionally unboxing videos You’ll find the new hotness but also some of the great games of years past.  Any game they think is good has a place here! 

Analog Games

Analog Games evolved from the popular Instagram channel @AnalogGames to promote the world of non-digital games on the Internet. 
Their mission is to share inspiring stories that encourage people around the globe to experience the fun of board and card games. 
Whether you are a designer, publisher, or just an enthusiast, you are invited to share your analog gaming experiences with the world. 

Board Game Designers | a list of board game designers on Twitter
Board Game Publishers | a list of board game publishers and developers on Twitter

Our Board Game
Designers Twitter

This is where you might find today's board game designers talking about games that they are currently designing or providing tips and suggestions for other designers. Many of these accounts are managed by the actual person and offer a unique way to connect with your favourite board game designer.

Board Game Publishers & Developers on Twitter

The people who make board games are often more passionate about games than those of us who play them. This is an exciting place to see what the people who put their blood, sweat, tears - and money are thinking and sharing. Contests, news, and sneak peeks abound.

Board Game News & Reviews | a list of board game journalists, bloggers and podcasters on Twitter
Board Gamers on Twitter | a list of tabletop gamers on Twitter

Board Game
News & Reviews

We've begun the long process of un-boxing and gathering the many board game reviewers, game journalists, bloggers, podcasters and play-through video makers that share their information and knowledge on Twitter. This is another great way to see what games people are playing and very often what they think about them.

Board Gamers on Twitter

The Board Gaming Community is alive and well on Twitter - so well that we had to create 2 lists to keep track of them all.


We created these Twitter groups as a sort of "catch-all" for board gamer and tabletop gamers of all types.  Geeky Goodies is tweeting as @thechriscormier.


Board Gamers Group 1 

Board Gamers Group 2

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What are we missing? | Share you board game related links with us

What Are We Missing?

We'll be adding lots more to this page as we go along.  
If you have an idea for something to include here, we're always open to suggestions.  Seriously!

Contact us at chris [ @ } geekygoodies [ dot} com.

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