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Amazing Board Game Room Decor

A few weeks ago I met, copy writer/editor and board gamer, Donna Balkan who was taking a break from gaming at the Gathering of Friends to visit Toronto and see a Blue Jays game.

We played an exciting game of Hamsterolle (an exciting dexterity game by Jacques Zeimet and published by Zoch Verlag) together and she told us a bit about her experiences at the Gathering of Friends (sadly, I have never been) and this really unique and creative prize she won during a previous Gathering a few years back.

This is a photo of the mural hanging in her game room.

Photo by Donna Balkan (used with permission)

It has the box cover artwork for a BUNCH of great games – but all the logos have been digitally removed and replaced with the logo for the Gathering of Friends. AWESOME!

What an incredible, amazing, unique gift to adorn her game room!

If you have any stories of interesting, unique prizes you’ve gotten at the Gathering of Friends or if you know of some other amazing game room decor items, please share them in the comments below and I will try to share them here or on my Pinterest board: Board Game Room Decor.

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Happy gaming!

The game I love today: Hamsterrolle (of course!)

EDIT: I just found that this banner was created by Canadian board game designer, Jay Cormier (no relation). Great job Jay!

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