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What’s Been Going On - Part 4: BreakOut Con 2016

WOW! Geeky Goodies has been so busy! To busy to blog, even! I’m sorry that we’ve been neglecting you Bits + Pieces Blog. In an effort to catch up, I thought I would do a series of blog posts about what’s been happening here at Geeky Goodies HQ during the past little while.

Here is a little bit about what we’ve been up to. Watch for more coming soon!

BreakOut Con 2016

We were proud to provide Geeky Goodies bags with coupons, meeple stickers and some info about our shirts to the Shuffle and Roll table at BreakOut Con back in March.

Geeky Goodies Bags that were handed out at Breakout Con

It was a big, exciting event with lots of buzz. The BreakOut Gaming Convention was the first of what will likely be an annual dedicated multi-day convention focused on tabletop gaming. Bringing together hundreds of gamers, BreakOut was organized and promoted by a team of local community organizations, including the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society (TABS), the Toronto Role Players Association (TRPA) and the Toronto Area Gamers (TAG) Meetup.

The event included prizes, tournaments and a few special guests dropping in to meet with fans and gamers throughout the weekend. I look forward to seeing how this event will continue to grow and progress.

This was just the board game room. There was an even bigger room filled with RPGers and a few more board gamers, plus another room for auctions and tournaments and all-night gamers.

Find out more about BreakOut at their website:

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