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We Made Best Board Game Post of the Week!

The Best Board Game Post of the Week #2!

The Best Board Game Post of the Week is a joint project between Best Boardgame Posts on Instagram @best.boardgame.posts and Indie Tabletop on Instagram @indietabletopp where they repost their picks for the best board game photo every week.

I love the idea behind this initiative because I think it will help grow The Hobby by growing awareness of different board games and the community of board gamers who play them and post photos of them. Here is what they have to say about the types of photos they are looking for:

"What makes a good shot and why does this matter? We want a photo that has a composition that draws in the viewer, broad underlying colors and contrasts to heighten the detail. We look for images that have that initial popping look. Once we have found it, we need detail to the shapes, colors, and balances in order to continue our interest. We want the little details that add structure to the shot. We want a photo that makes us forget what the subject even is so we can appreciate the contribution of the image itself. No distractions, visible punchlines, nice color, and most importantly, creative life through lighting."


"...Board gaming is a visual hobby. We play with our eyes as much as our hands and brain."

Very well said! I couldn't say it better myself!

Here is our photo that they picked for Week #2

And here are the really nice things they said about our photo:

"We feel this shot creates a good representation of the game, Tok Tok Woodman. Keep in mind this title is a dexterity board game, so it could’ve been hard capturing the essence of the experience with just one shot. This in-game photo depicts the concept of the game as well as appreciates the components that make up Tok Tok Woodman.

We really enjoy the way we see the bold presence of the game even though we have it against different types of browns. I feel it does a great job complimenting the different shades of brown together to create a nice tone in the wooden blocks.

This definitely looks like a fun game! thanks Chris."

WOW! That's awesome! We're honoured to be included here and hope the Best Board Game Post of the Week will continue to grow and grow in the future.

Read the full article here:

Find out more about:

Happy gaming!

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