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What’s Been Going On - Part 11: I Met Jay Cormier (no relation)

WOW! Geeky Goodies has been so busy! To busy to blog, even! I’m sorry that we’ve been neglecting you Bits + Pieces Blog. In an effort to catch up, I thought I would do a series of blog posts about what’s been happening here at Geeky Goodies HQ during the past little while.

Here is a little bit about what we’ve been up to. Watch for more coming soon!

I Met Jay Cormier (no relation) Co-Designer of Belfort, Akrotiri and Yet-to-be-released Junk Art

I got to meet Jay Cormier (no relation), co-designer of games like Akrotiri, Belfort, But Wait There’s More, This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, Tortuga, Train of Thought, and their newest game Junk Art. A while back I was lucky enough to meet Jay’s design partner, Sen-Foong Lim as he is a local designer. Both of them are busy, thoughtful, interesting guys.

I had chatted with Jay online a few times but Jay was in town for The Gathering of Friends and stopped into Toronto where I got to meet him, shake his hand and my wife and I played a bewitching game of Broom Service with him. It was quite a thrill!

The Two Cormiers (not related) Chris Cormier of Geeky Goodies and Board Game Deisgner, Jay Cormier

Follow Jay on Twitter at: @bamboozlebros, and while you’re there follow his game designer partner Sen-Foong Lim at: @SenFoongLim

And get more information on them and their games at:

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