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Winner of Our Bits & Pieces Holiday Contest!

Congratulations to Misty B. (notified by email) for winning our Holiday Bits & Pieces Contest. Misty was able to name 35 of the 49 games in this photo - more than anyone else who entered. Misty wins an 8" x 8" poster from

Holiday Contest Winner | Bits & Pieces Contest Winner | meeple | Geeky Goodies

Thanks to everyone for playing! We will be doing more of these in the future!

Here are the games shown in the photo:

  1. Carcassonne (yellow meeple)

  2. Ab in die Tonne (small wine bottle)

  3. Belfort: The Expansion Expansion (worker hex token)

  4. Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails (port)

  5. Pitchcar Mini (car disc)

  6. Scoville (pepper token)

  7. Abandon Ship (rat meeple)

  8. Power Grid: The Robot (robot head)

  9. Skyline 3000 (rounded roof piece)

  10. Roll for the Galaxy (die)

  11. String Railway (green string)

  12. Elder Sign (die)

  13. Winners Circle (horse token)

  14. Wasabi (avocado tile)

  15. Zooloretto (baby panda tile)

  16. Glen More (meadow tile)

  17. Bullfrogs (frog meeple)

  18. Deadwood (cowboy tile)

  19. Unexpected Treasures (5 token)

  20. Garden Dice (bug token)

  21. Patchwork (quilt tile)

  22. Lords of Xidit (person mini)

  23. Cacao (cacao tile)

  24. Friese's Landlord (50 coin)

  25. Samurai (hex tile)

  26. Gold West (circle tile)

  27. Takenoko (bamboo piece)

  28. Istanbul (merchant token)

  29. Splendor (green gem)

  30. Star Wars Carcassonne (Yoda meeple)

  31. Memoir '44 (hex terrain tile)

  32. Broom Service (potion token)

  33. Age of Conan The Strategy Board Game (mini on camel/horse)

  34. The Pillars of the Earth (master bulider piece)

  35. King of New York (die)

  36. Ticket to Ride (train)

  37. Isle of Skey (axe tile)

  38. Pandemic Legacy (tracker token)

  39. DiceAFARI (jeep token)

  40. Loch Ness (4 bid token)

  41. Castles of Burgundy (hex token)

  42. Ghost Blitz (big wine bottle)

  43. Thurn and Taxis: All Roads Lead to Rome (carriage)

  44. Ingenious (double green piece)

  45. Road Kill Rally (person mini)

  46. Doomtown Reloaded (skull chip token)

  47. Oracle of Delphi (hex tile)

  48. Cornish Smuggler (sailing ship)

  49. Junk Art (pot piece)

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