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What Did You Play Mondays? March 6, 2017

Join the Board Game Conversation. What Did You Play Mondays: March 6, 2017

What Board Games did you play this week and weekend?

Another slow week for me but it's a new month so time to up my gaming! This week:

  • We had a new friend show us The Bloody Inn (WOW! This one has a dark theme. Might not be for everyone but I enjoy the sort of naughtiness of the theme. Fun! I can see my wife and playing this one a lot as a 2-player game. Might have to pick up a copy.)

  • Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (This is a really clever game. I can't think ahead enough to PLAY the game let alone design a game like this! After a few more plays this one may end up in Top 5 worker placement games! Really, really enjoyed it)

  • Also played some Splendor (always an nice light game experience) and

  • Ascension (still one of my favourite deck-building games).

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Game in the photo is Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar


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