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1 Day Only Sale, Day Three: Board Game Addict

Today is Day 3 of our series of 1-Day Only Sales featuring a different shirt every day for the next couple days. Today's T-shirt is: Board Game Addict - just $12.99* (reg. $19/$23) *($16.99 for 2XL and up)

Whether you call them board games, tabletop games, strategy games, Euro games, designer games, analog games, hobby games, party games, historic games or just "GAME NIGHT!"... owning up to your board game addiction is the first step. A great gift for the board game geek in your life or for yourself.

Board Game Addict White T-shirt Sale | 1-Day Only Sale | Geeky Goodies | T-shirts for Board Gamers

White T-shirt with a colour imprint.

When ordering remember to select the imprint colour first, and then you'll be able to choose a size.

Happy Gaming!

The game I love today is: Sushi Go!

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