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Star Wars Finds on Etsy

We spend a lot of time wandering the virtual aisles at Etsy.

The creative inspiration alone is worth the time. There are also a LOT (you might say, "A Galaxy") of cool, creative Star Wars merchandise on Etsy that you can purchase and enjoy. We've compiled this list of some of Star Wars stuff that we've been drooling over! Happy shopping!

Death Star Watch with Black Leather Band Buy it here: from foryourtime

Star Wars Comic Book Infinity Scarf Buy it here: from StyleGypsies

Death Star Planetarium Custom Painted Lamp Star Projector

Lego Star Wars USB Stormtrooper Keychain (Available in 8, 16, 32 & 64GB)

Boba Fett Magic the Gathering Custom Foil Card Buy it here: from AlaskanNerderySupply

The Empire Strikes Back Mondo 3D Poster Art Buy it here: from PoppedCreations

Millennium Falcon/Mos Eisley Silhouette Handcut Paper Craft Art Buy it here: from willpigg

Han Solo's Blaster Cosplay Prop Weapon with Sound Buy it here: from starwarsweapons

R2-D2 Minimal Print Buy it here: from 2ToastDesign

The game I love today: Star Wars: Epic Duels

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