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ChrisCon 2016 Sale!

Hi everyone, it’s Sherri, Chris’ wife. This Monday is Chris’ birthday and every year we celebrate with a board gaming marathon and call it ChrisCON.

While I have him distracted with board games, I have hacked Geeky Goodies and all Chris' social media accounts to give him a big surprise and have all of you celebrate with us.

Join us for a virtual #ChrisCON2016 and have your own board gaming marathon. Share your photos throughout the weekend using #ChrisCON2016 and your plays on #WhatDidYouPlayMonday!

To celebrate I am pre-releasing TWO brand new t-shirt designs of Chris’ every day at a one-time special price! The sale will end when he gets back to his desk on Tuesday morning and finds out what I did. I will also be sharing some “geeky goodies” about Chris throughout the weekend too. I am not sure who will have the most fun this weekend me or him! Let the games begin!

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