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What Did You Play Mondays? January 30, 2017

Join the Board Game Conversation. What Did You Play Mondays: January 30, 2017

What Board Games did you play this week and weekend?

Had a fun week! Got to go to a great Board Game Designer Q&A at WoodforSheep and listen to Chris Chung, designer of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, talk and an answer questions about game design and his experiences. That was great!

Also played:

  • Ekö (good abstract game but too much like chess for my brain)

  • Loony Quest (really fun, silly game)

  • The Blood of an Englishman (surprisingly tense for a such a simple concept and a game with so few cards)

  • Pack & Stack (clever, silly game)

  • Carcassonne (still our go-to game when our family has some time for a game and we don't feel like learning something new)

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Game in the photo is Carcassonne


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