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Board Game Upgrades and Improvements

For me personally, when it comes to gaming, theme is very important. But so are components! Like adding background music that matches the theme, adding new components that help improve the game experience can go a long way to enhancing the theme. A good game can be made a little more entertaining with some exciting or interesting components.

There are many places online to find upgraded components for our tabletop games but an often overlooked source is Etsy. Etsy is a global ecommerce platform for artists and creative businesses. There are plenty of talented gamers working on Etsy to help us all improve our games. I've compiled a list of a few of my favourite board game upgrades:

Please note: some of these items may have limited stock and may be out of stock by time you are reading this. Such is the nature of Etsy.

Handmade Board Game Tokens from VelveyDearest

Half Log Wood Resource Tokens Handmade

Tusk/Ivory Resource Tokens

Stone Resource Tokens

Iron Ingot Resource Tokens Handmade

3D Printed Accessories from 3DGameGear

Terraforming Mars 3D Tiles (Set of 80)

King of Tokyo 3D Monster Figures

Blood Rage Longboat Deck Holder

Colt Express Loot Tokens

Settlers of Catan Fan Made Items from FanOfCatan

4 Player Custom Set for Settlers of Catan

Advanced Custom 4 Player Set for Settlers of Catan

Handmade Board Game Tokens from epicycledesigns

Custom Cheese Wheel Tokens for Mice and Mystics (24 in a set)

Pandemic Research Station Replacement Tokens (Set of 6)

Colt Express Player Token Set Handmade Polymer Clay (set of 7)

Rocket Ship Token

Custom Board Game Pieces from JusttheNerdyBits

Kingsburg Polymer Clay Resources

Love Letter Tokens

Board Game Component Upgrades from bghq

Turbolaser Turret for X-Wing Miniatures

Hoth Shield Generator

Arkham Horror Gate Stands (pkg of 8)

Death Tokens (pkg 24)

3D Printed Game Tokens from Piecesofgame

Castle Panic 3D Tower Pieces

Guillotine Upgrade

Patchwork Buttons

Tent Tokens

Custom Board Game Pieces from boardgamemodder

Plastic Airplane Board Game Tokens

Plastic Cyclist Board Game Tokens

Wooden Arrows

Plastic Dubloon Coins

Game Components from spielmaterial (on Etsy!)

Wooden Barrels

Sticker Faces for Meeple and Tokens

Pandemic Player Tokens

Wooden Fish

Acrylic Gaming Upgrades from BoardGamesFactory

Pandemic Virus Tokens

5 Damage Heart Token (set of 10)

3D Printed Miniatures from ProjectMobius

Set of 12 High Rise Hotels

Custom 3D Printed Scifi Game Tokens (Set of 8)

Custom Chess Sets from WinkingBlindBats

Dracula vs Van Helsing Chess Set

Extra Large Fantasy Chess Set

Custom Board Game Pieces from aXePropMoney

Prop Euros Money (50 Pieces)

Invalid 100 Dollars Bills US American Money

Tell Us What You Do

What kinds of things have you added to your games to upgrade or improve the gaming experience? Send your responses to Chris [at}

All photos belong to the individual Etsy Shop owners and were used with permission.

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