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Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

I LOVED the main character of Artemis!

I think I like reading books with "atypical protagonists." The book takes place in Artemis, a city on the moon. The city and the world that Andy Weir has created feels incredibly real and lived-in. The same applies to the technology (described in detailed but friendly, easy-to-understand language) used in the book and the events and dangers encountered in the plot.

But the book is really about Jazz (short for Jasmine) who is an intelligent, strong young woman in her mid-twenties. A smuggler with strong welding and engineering knowledge/background. She's lived on the moon since the age of 6 and is estranged from her father due in part to his strong religious views, her strong will and desire to live her life on her terms. Her character takes charge of her own life, makes her own decisions and doesn't care what others think about her. And she does what she must to survive and achieve her goals.

I liked Jazz! She felt real to me - an accurate representation of a future generation and the values and attitudes of someone who grew up on a moon. I am interested to hear how women feel about her character and how she was portrayed. I am really eager to see who they choose for the eventual film version that will certainly be made.

Artemis is the perfect example of what I feel a science fiction should be: a book and a plot that relies heavily on science and the details of the world and concepts involved. Everything fits together nicely and makes sense. Jazz has to be intelligent and use her scientific knowledge just to survive the harsh environment of the moon and accomplish the events of the story.

My only complaint was a small part of the very end that felt a little flat and didn't seem to follow the logic of the rest of the book. But overall the book kept me interested and entertained.

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