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Board Game Review: Go Dotty

Go Dotty

Board Game Review: Go Dotty | Geeky Goodies

We have really been enjoying Go Dotty! We were lucky enough to have been sent a a pre-release copy of the game.

This is a very clever abstract game for 2-players that involves placing tiles to make lines of 3 consecutive tiles of your colour. The trick is that each tile must be placed adjacent to another tile and the pips on the sides of the tiles that touch must be the same. Also it is not legal to make a line of 4 consecutive tiles and your opponent is trying to block you from completing sets of three. Use your "blank tile" (i.e. tiles with no pips on them to block your opponent and start a new set of three. The player with the most lines of 3 tiles is the winner.

Board Game Review: Go Dotty | Geeky Goodies

Go Dotty is easy to learn and very clever. Matching tiles and getting your lines started is very easy in the beginning. As the game progresses and the board begins to fill up is when Go Dotty really starts to shine.The tension and difficulty ramps up quickly and your strategic decisions become much more important as game goes on. A great game for fans of abstract strategy games. Our average game only lasted about 15-20 minutes but when it was done you felt like you had battled it out with your opponent for much longer.This is an excellent quality prototype of the game.

Go Dotty is coming to Kickstarter January 30th. Check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

Board Game Review: Go Dotty | Geeky Goodies

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