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Fantastic Fillers on the Escape Into Board Games Podcast

Fantastic Fillers | Escape Into Board Games Podcast

The Escape Into Board Games Podcast is where Matt and Chris escape reality and talk about the board games they are playing, the games they are excited about and all things related to board gaming.

Filler Games are board and tabletop games that are fast to set up, easy to learn, friendly to new players and usually play in under 30 minutes.

In this episode Chris Cormier and Matt McKenzie talk about some of their favourite Filler Games. They discuss the difficulties of playing a game about some of the gruesome details of the French Revolution, talk about a strategy to rescue a certain unloved game from thrift stores, and mention a game that you can play online with your friends using Board Game Arena for free.

Stay tuned for the Fantastic Filler Finale!

Have you played any of the games we've talked about? What is your favourite Filler Game? Write to us and tell us about it at

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Escape Into Board Games Podcast

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