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Top 10 Most Replayable Games - #7

I am teaming up with the folks at the Have Fun and Play Podcast ( on Instagram @havefunandplay and we are sharing our Top 10 Most Replayable Games in celebration of Groundhog Day. What makes a game replayable? There are a lot of different reasons that you might want to play a game over and over. I look forward to sharing my list and hearing from you what games are replayable and why as well.

The reason that Broom Service makes my list of replayable games is probably the same reason that some people dislike it.

The reason that Broom Service makes my list of replayable games is probably the same reason that some people dislike it.

Broom service is essentially a pick-up-and-deliver game where players are witches travelling across the board, gathering different ingredients for potions and delivering them to castles and towers on the board for points.

Each round players select 4 of their 10 possible action cards to play during the round. Usually players are hoping that the cards will be played in a specific order but your best strategy is pick cards that offer the most flexibility of options as the game has an interesting “follow the leader” mechanism that can really mess with your best laid plans. The first player gets to decide what order to play their next card and everyone who chose the same type of card for that round must also play their card, in order around the table. Who the first player is can change several times during the same round forcing some of your cards to come out in a less than ideal order.

Adding to the decision complexity is when each card is played, each player has to decide to either play the card “cowardly,” offering a smaller reward, or “bravely,” offering a much bigger reward but also risking the chance of having the action stolen from you by someone with the same card later on in the round - leaving you with no reward at all. A new event card will come out each round changing game play, adding complexity to the decisions you have to make but also providing a focus of strategy for the round.

The game is certainly not for everyone as it is frequently chaotic and very unpredictable. This is point, and the fun, of Broom Service. Every time I play Broom Service it feels like a very different experience with it’s own set of twists and turns and exciting moments. I often compare it to a game of Tales of Arabian Nights – with more logic and strategy. It’s more about the experience of playing a game of Broom Service than making the best plays to decide who is going to win and who isn’t.

The unpredictable nature of Broom Service is mitigated by the fact that you have 2 witch pawns and you can use either one to move and/or deliver on your turn. Unlike many pre-programmed movement games like RoboRally, you can move either one of your team of two witches, which in turn, provides you with some “backup planning options” for every turn. If you are unable, or unwilling to move one pawn on your turn because of the order that the cards came out, with careful play (and some luck) you can usually move your other pawn instead.

Broom Service also comes with a 2-player version that makes the game quite cut throat and tactical and an advanced side of the board and additional tiles and new ways to play.

What do you think? What makes a game replayable in your opinion? What are your favourite games to replay over and over? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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