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What Did You Play Mondays? March 13, 2017

Join the Board Game Conversation. What Did You Play Mondays: March 13, 2017

What Board Games did you play last week and/or during the weekend?

This past week we played:

  • Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot (I've heard a lot of negative comments about this game but I thought it was fun. Because of all the criticism, I wasn't expecting very much from this one but I was really very pleasantly surprised. First of all, you have to be okay with the - very - random end-game/winning condition - but the game itself, was fun and everyone had a good laugh while playing it. I don't think you play this kind of game for a deep strategic experience, but with the right group of adults or kids, this game offers a fun, silly time),

  • Garden Dice (a great game that offers lots of strategic choices with dice. We also played with the card expansions and they were a big hit with everyone at the table. Also features some amazing artwork by the Uber-talented Josh Cappel), and

  • We introduced some friends to Wasabi (a great tile-laying/recipe game designed and drawn by Josh Cappel that is always a big hit every time we bring it out - and always makes me crave sushi!).

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Game in the photo is Wasabi


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