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Top 10 Most Replayable Games - #5

I am teaming up with the folks at the Have Fun and Play Podcast ( on Instagram @havefunandplay and we are sharing our Top 10 Most Replayable Games in celebration of Groundhog Day. What makes a game replayable? There are a lot of different reasons that you might want to play a game over and over. I look forward to sharing my list and hearing from you what games are replayable and why as well.

In Alhambra players are competing to acquire building tiles that they then place into their own personal Alhambra. Players will receive a bonus for paying the exact amount for a building and score points for having the majority of each different type of building as well as bonus points for their longest connected wall around the outside of their Alhambra.

In Alhambra players are competing to acquire building tiles that they then place into their own personal Alhambra.

Alhambra is replayable for me because of all the expansions that exist for the game. I enjoy playing the base game of Alhambra a lot and have played it many, many times. On its own it’s a quick, easy game to introduce to new gamers. But adding expansion modules make this one of my favourite all-time games. Finding the right mix of expansions/modules can add complexity, options and strategy that make the game shine.

In my Big Box version of the game, there are 20 modules that you can mix and match to the base game or, if you dare, play with them all together. Every time you play will feel very different based on the expansions that you add.

I also play the digital version of this game a LOT on my phone as well. I can jump into and out of a solo game against computer AI players whenever I have a few minutes at the doctor’s office, on the bus, in the tub, or while waiting for my wife while she is shopping or running errands. The AI players are quite challenging and frustrating to play against so winning is not guaranteed.

Alhambra is still in my Top 5 games and one of my most-played games.

What do you think? What makes a game replayable in your opinion? What are your favourite games to replay over and over? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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