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Top 10 Most Replayable Games - #3

I am teaming up with the folks at the Have Fun and Play Podcast ( on Instagram @havefunandplay and we are sharing our Top 10 Most Replayable Games in celebration of Groundhog Day. What makes a game replayable? There are a lot of different reasons that you might want to play a game over and over.

The DC Comics Deck-Building Game on its own doesn’t get as much love as it deserves, in my opinion. Yes, I know that will be very controversial for some. But when you add in any one of the Crisis expansions, you take a rather simple and approachable deck-building game and turn it into a truly cooperative game that provides a very difficult challenge, super-charge the game’s theme and delivers an epic gaming experience.

The DC Comics Deck-Building Game on its own doesn’t get as much love as it deserves, in my opinion.

With the Crisis expansion you REALLY have to work together! Yes, there are some situations that you simply cannot win no matter what you and your team do. But when you DO win, you really feel like you have fought a battle and accomplished something big. Isn’t that what a super hero game should feel like?

The number of expansions and playable characters in DC DBG system now is staggering! This alone provides an almost unlimited amount of replayability. Besides all the usual Justice League cast of characters, there are heroes and villains from The Watchmen, the TV show Arrow, Birds of Prey, Batman Ninja, and tons of characters that I’ve never heard of.

With the Crisis expansion you REALLY have to work together!

All of these options provide an enormous wealth of replayablity, unique gameplay rulesets, depth of strategy & customizability. There are SO MANY different ways to combine the different sets, expansions and rule sets - there are ways to play competitively, with a traitor, an impossible mode, a solo mode, scenarios, teams, even a set where you play the villains trying to crush the heroes.

If you like deck-building, superhero movies, comic books (DC or Marvel!) or cooperative games, and you haven't played this one, then the DC Comics DBG and one of the Crisis expansions need to be on your Want List. And if you have played the game in the past and you didn't like it, I am going to guess that you haven't given it enough of a chance and suggest that you should go back and try some of the new expansions and different ways to play.

What do you think? What makes a game replayable in your opinion? What are your favourite games to replay over and over? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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