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Holiday Fever: A Family Tradition Board Game Review

by Chris Cormier

The roll and move mechanism might turn away some people from the game, Holiday Fever: A Family Tradition. However that would be unfortunate because this is a fun family game with a Christmas 🎄 theme. Sometimes a simple, familiar looking game with an engaging theme is just what you need in your collection to get family members around the game table having fun and creating memories.

Holiday Fever - the end game has players racing through the last 25 days of the month

Easy to teach to everyone in the family and is filed with enough player engagement and laughter (and singing!) that may even get the teenagers to consider putting down the phone long enough to enjoy some family time.

From the Box Holiday Fever: A Family Tradition 2-6 Players, ages 8+

Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

Designer: Evan Mark Shelline

Artist: Thomas Hilley

Published by: Bullfrog Games LLC

My wife and I enjoyed this one so much we had to play it again right away. The game had us laughing wondering what $700 sweat pants might look like, (badly) singing carols, making Christmas speeches, talking about the many things we are thankful for, making wishes for the future and sharing cherished holiday memories from our childhood, including a few that neither of us had heard before (when you have been together for 22 years that is a huge accomplishment).

Holiday Fever: A Family Tradition, a game that will please multi-generational families

I think this is a great game for anyone trying to get their family around the game table more during the holiday season. A fun experience, intuitive, easy to learn, quick to play game for the entire family. I imagine a lot of memories will be created by families playing this one for years to come.

Families looking for games to play over the holidays would be wise to put this under the tree this year.

Plays in about 30-45 minutes, for 2 to 6 players and is recommended for ages 8 and up but I suspect that is probably due to the reading. I think younger children can play this with a little help.

Holiday Fever: A NEW Family Tradition that will bring the whole family around the table

Families looking for games to play over the holidays would be wise to put this under the tree this year.

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